Regal by Anh Tip Cutter (Pakistani Stainless Steel)

Regal by Anh Tip Cutter Pakistani Stainless Steel

  • Rust-free tip cutter
  • Spring for easy use
  • Strong enough to shorten enhancements
  • Precise enough to trim tips to size

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What they are

The Regal by Anh Tip Cutter is made of Pakistani stainless steel, which is resistant to rust, and durable for use in a salon environment. Ergonomic handle with grooves for stability and a spring for easy use. The cutter is strong enough to cut through enhancements, yet precise enough to trim the tips to size. It is important to use the tip cutter with caution. We advise this is a professional product and needs to be handled with care

What they do

The Matte Black Tip Cutter is a tool used to trim and shorten enhancements and tip extensions.

145mm length 80 widths 15mm height

How to use them

To trim tips: once the tip adheres to the natural nail and the glue is fully set, place the tip extension through the opening of the cutter. Squeeze the handle to bring the blade up and slice the tip to the desired length

When using the Regal by Anh Tip Cutter to trim enhancements, it is important to only place a small amount of the enhancement into the opening of the cutter at a time and to trim off the extension length in small increments (1mm-2mm). This can help to avoid splitting or damaging the enhancement. It is also important to use caution when using the cutter, as enhancements that are too thick or too much is removed at once may be tougher to remove. It is always a good idea to follow the manufacturer's instructions when using any tool or product to ensure safe and effective use.

Why you need it

A staple in every Nail Professionals Toolbox, if you are extending the natural nail using tips you need this tool

How to take care of it

Dissolve adhesive or product from the cutter using Regal 100% Acetone Solvent

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