Beginner's Guide: DIY Dip Manicure at Home!

Cost of living crisis got you breaking up with your nail lady? Follow our easy step-by-step guide to DIY dip nails and never step foot in a salon again.

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Kit contains:

ProDip by SuperNail Nail Dipping System 7 Piece Professional Kit
1 x ProDip by SuperNail Prep 14ml
1 x ProDip by SuperNail Base 14ml
1 x ProDip by SuperNail Activator 14ml
1 x ProDip by SuperNail Finish Gel 14ml
1 x ProDip by SuperNail Nail Dip Powder - White 56g
1 x ProDip by SuperNail Nail Dip Powder - Pink 56g
1 x ProDip by SuperNail Nail Dip Powder - Clear 56g
20 x Disposable Dip Trays
30 x Wiping Sponges


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  1. Start with clean hands and nails. Make sure you have removed any trace of existing nail polish, dip/acrylic powders, or shellac.
  2. Perform a dry manicure by gently pushing back the cuticle, removing the excess cuticle (pterygium) with a cuticle nipper (be extra careful with the cuticle nipper to not make yourself bleed!)
  3. Using the Nail File, shape the nail into your desired shape and using the Buffing Block lightly buff the shine from the nail plate.
  4.  Remove the filing dust with a clean SuperNail Cleansing Wipe (Pro tip: Use the wipe to physically scrub the nail plate to remove all traces of oils and dust.)
Beginner's Guide: DIY Dip Manicure at Home


Dip Application:

  1. Choose your ProDip Coloured Dipping Powder and pour into disposable dipping tray.
  2. Apply one coat of ProDip Prep to each finger and allow it to dry.
  3. Apply a coat of ProDip Base to ¾ of the pinkie nail of one hand (ensuring you leave a 2mm gap at the cuticle and 1mm at the side) and carefully slide finger forward into the colour powder making sure to cover the entire nail bed. Tap off excess powder.
  4. Repeat the dipping process on all ten nails making sure to evenly cover the entire nail bed, then firmly close the ProDip Base cap.  
  5. Using the SNS Nail Dust Brush, starting at the first finger you worked on, lightly dust off excess powder (away from any opened bottles of powder or base coat), don't forget underneath the nails and in the cuticles!
Beginner's Guide: DIY Dip Manicure at Home


Final Steps:

  1. Apply a generous amount of ProDip Activator to all ten nails making sure to cap the free edge.
  2. File and shape all nails with a Nail Fil and buff smooth.
  3. Using a dry SuperNail Cleansing Wipe, remove dust from all nails making sure no dust particles are left on the nail.
  4. Re-apply the  ProDip Activator on all ten nails.
  5. IMPORTANT: Without pausing between fingers, apply a coat of the ProDip Finish Gel to one hand only and immediately apply a second coat of ProDip Finish Gel to that same hand. Do not over brush the second coat, limit to three strokes per nail.
  6. Repeat the above step on the other hand.
  7. Let the Finish Gel dry for 2 minutes before applying ProDip Cuticle Oil.

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