Beginner's Guide: DIY Acrylic Dip Manicure at Home!

Beginner's Guide: DIY Acrylic Dip Manicure at Home!

Addicted to the look of dip nails? We don't blame you! Meet your new favourite nail tech - you! 


Kit contains:



1) Shape / cut the nail to the desired (shape, round, square, oval etc.) using a finer grit file Standard Extra Fine 240/240 Nail File. Also, filing to straighten the sidewalls for symmetrical and flattering nail.

2) Using an Artists Choice Professional Cuticle Pusher Single-Ended or cuticle pusher equivalent, gently push back the cuticles. Strive for a nice even rounded cuticle line for a more flattering colour application.

3) With a cuticle nipper, carefully remove the non-living tissue. These are generally white in colour and separated from the nail plate. Do not remove too much to prevent injury, just nip hangnails and non-living tissue. (if your skin is sensitive, or you are diabetic, skip this step)

4) Gently buff the entire natural nail surface to smooth out the nail surface and edges using the Harmony 100/180 Buffer File in the kit

5) Cleanse the nail plate using Nail Surface Cleanse and a lint-free wipe. The trick is to physically scrub the nail plate to remove oils, dust and debris from the nail.


6) Brush on Gelish Dip #1 Prep Natural Nail Dehydrator to the nail only avoid touching the skin. This makes sure the Dip Base Coat bonds well and there is no slick oil barrier layer

7) Apply a base coat thinly and evenly to 3/4 of a nail, ensuring you leave a 1mm gap at the sidewalls and a 2mm gap at the cuticle. We recommend the Gelish Dip #2 Base Coat in the french dip kit.

8) Dip into the Gelish Dip French Powder Simple Sheer dip powder. This will be your base layer. The consistency you want to see here is a velvet texture. Leave on to allow the powder to bond and polymerize with the base coat.

Repeat steps 7 & 8 to each nail (one nail at a time). When you have completed all 10 fingers close to the Gelish Dip French Powder Simple Sheer powder & Gelish Dip #2 Base Coat you are using and prepare yourself with your favourite dip colour of choice.

9) Using the SNS Nail Dust Brush, starting at the first finger you worked on, lightly dust off excess powder(away from any opened bottles of powder or base coat), don't forget underneath the nails and in the cuticle crevices

10) Apply an even coat of the Gelish Dip #2 Base Coat to the entire nail, ensuring you leave a hairline gap at the sidewalls and at the cuticle.

11) Dip into your favourite dip colour. This will be your first coat of colour. Similar to the base coat, the consistency you want to see here is a velvet texture. Leave on to allow the powder to bond and polymerize with the base coat

12) Repeat steps 10 and 11 to each nail one nail at a time. When all 10 fingers are done repeat step 9.

Next, repeat steps 9 to 12 on all other fingers to achieve a second coat of colour. 


12) Ensure the finished nail surface is free of dust. You may cleanse the surface of dust and product using a lint-free wipe and Nail Surface Cleanse.

13) Apply Gelish Dip #3 Activator to 10 fingernails, allow 2 minutes to absorb.

14) Remove excess activator using a lint-free wipe or paper towel, ensure the surface is matte (make sure there is no activator product pooled in the cuticle area and sidewalls)

15) Apply a thin, even layer of Gelish Dip #4 Top Coat with the brush sitting parallel to the nail, in a gliding motion to all 10 fingers. Needs to be a thin application, don't keep playing with the product; 3 quick strokes (applying left middle right) is all that is required. Allow to completely dry. Wipe brush onto a paper towel, prior to putting back in the bottle to pick up more product (this avoids putting residue of activator picked up on the brush to be put into the bottle.)

16) When nails turn matte, reapply the Gelish Dip #4 Top Coat to the same 10 fingers for a high shine. Leave for 5 – 7 minutes for the Top Coat to polymerize and set hard to the touch. Avoid placing hands in a fan or speeding up the drying process as this causes a dull shine

17) Apply hydrating cuticle oil to the cuticle area to re-hydrated and nourish. We recommend Gelish Nourish Cuticle Oil. Apply to the nail and rub into the skin