The 'Everything Shower' For Crème Brûlée Skin

As the self-appointed body care queen of LB, I believe it's time to share my 'Everything Shower' routine. I truly consider this a form of self-care. This routine has evolved over time from simply exfoliating old tan off to creating an at-home spa experience. 

I've tried just about every body care product Le Beauty stocks! After lots of trial and error, I've narrowed down my all-time favourite products for the most luxurious shower experience.

Crème brûlée skin

We all have our skincare and tanning routines, but it's time to introduce you to the world of shower care. You are about to begin your very own journey toward achieving the most irresistibly smooth, crème brûlée skin. Get your cart ready.


ELEVEN Australia Wash Me All Over 500ml

ELEVEN Australia Wash Me All Over

Wash the day away! Get clean. This is my pre-cleanse phase, and I use Eleven's "Wash Me All Over" because it's super affordable and after the first use I fell in love. It's like an Aesop dupe, smells amazing and fresh, like you've just walked into an Aesop store or boujee spa.


Lycon Spa Essentials Pink Grapefruit Sugar Scrub Jar

Lycon Spa Essentials Pink Grapefruit Sugar Scrub Jar

This spa-quality, oil-free sugar scrub makes all the difference! It gently exfoliates and moisturises at the same time, as well as helps to dislodge ingrown hairs after waxing or shaving. 

If you're constantly removing tan I highly recommend Lycon's Sugar Scrub range. I'm currently using Pink Grapefruit, however Coconut & Vanilla is also a favourite of mine. This scrub melts away old tan and smells amazing. It's worth the price as a little goes a long way.


Azure Tan

Azure Tan Smooth & Remove Tan Exfoliating Scrub, and Azure Tan Pre Glow Exfoliator Mitt

Now you might be thinking, ‘is two exfoliations really necessary?’ and the answer is YES! (unless you have sensitive skin). If you want your skin to be as smooth and as creamy as a crème brûlée, Azure Tan’s Smooth & Remove Scrub is your go-to gal. It contains actives Salicylic and Glycolic Acid and is only $14.95 - talk about bang for your buck. It smells divine, and I apply with the Exfoliator Mitt for a deeper exfoliation. I have Keratosis Pilaris and psoriasis, so these active ingredients help even out my skin tone and reduce any redness.


Wait at least 2 minutes after applying the Exfoliating Scrub, then rinse!


Embryolisse Beauty Oil & Lycon Spa Essentials Coconut & Vanilla Hand & Body Lotion

Embryolisse Beauty Oil & Lycon Spa Essentials Coconut & Vanilla Hand & Body Lotion

The pièce de résistance of the ‘everything shower’.

Like skin slugging (minus the Vaseline), the final step is adding a layer of oil and body moisturiser to help lock in hydration. These 2 products together are heaven sent. The Embryolisse oil isn’t greasy and will last on your skin for hours on end, and I buy the Lycon moisturiser in the 1L bottles because I use it everyday. Hop straight into your PJs without feeling sticky!

Mix oil with moisturiser and massage all over your body, hands and feet – now appreciate your new crème brûlée skin.

Bonus (and Necessary) Step: Add a bunch of eucalyptus leaves to your shower to truly provide that spa-like feel. The steam of the shower and the eucalyptus releases essential oils, essentially creating a DIY diffuser.

The benefits include reduced stress, respiratory relief, increased energy levels, and, well, it smells great and looks cute in your shower. Enjoy!

Eucalyptus shower

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