At Home Waxing

Sensitive areas to wax? We are talking underarm, brows, bikini line. Use the BrowVado Wax as it's specifically formulated for sensitive areas. All you'll need is the Caronlab Mini Wax Heater (400ml), the Browvado Sculpting Gel Wax Beads and the Browvado Brow Beaters (you can buy the BrowVado Brow Kit to combine the wax and beaters).

Larger areas to wax? We are talking arms and legs. Get yourself a wax cartridge heater (Lycon Cartridge Wax Heater with Multi-Docking Base) to heat your strip wax. Easily roll it onto the skin with the Cartridge roller of your choice (100ml Cartridge options below). You will need Waxing Strips to remove the wax and hair, and we recommend Caronlab Cotton Calico Waxing Strips for this.

Remember to soothe the skin post wax, our favourite picks for this are Lycon's Perfect Finish Post-Was Oil, Pinkini Finishing Lotion and Lycon Soothing Cream (all listed below).

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