Moroccan Tan Professional Solution Moroccan Elevate Sample 125ml

Moroccan Tan Professional Solution Moroccan Elevate Sample 125ml

Vegan Australian Made Organic Ingredients Cruelty Free

  • A blend of high-performance DHA tanning actives and colour-correcting pigments that customise and adapt to every skin type
  • Creates a customisable tan that can achieve different results, from natural to dark bronzed hues
  • Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E nourish, calm, and balance skin

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A one-of-a-kind customisable tan

MoroccanElevate is a customisable tanning solution that brings different results for all occasions. A blend of unique DHA tanning actives and colour-correcting pigments that you can customise and adapt to every skin type, creating the most bespoke tanning treatment. Elevate can be layered, and rinse times can be adapted to suit your desired colour.


What makes it customisable?

Layer or extend the rinse time to tailor strength and colour depth. Use however you like with little chance of overdevelopment.

What is the DHA %?

There is no shared DHA%, depending on how you tailor application and post care (rinse time) will determine processing strength and depth of colour.

MoroccanElevate has been purposely created as a versatile tan that can achieve a wide colour offering subject to each individual. MoroccanElevate is an advancement in tanning that is very unique and makes for more flexible use. Formulated with a superior delivery system, DHA Rapid, this science-backed additive has been purposely engineered to deliver a faster absorption of DHA and extend the lifespan of your tan. With this advancement of DHA and a blend of bronzers and colour-correcting technology, the formula adapts to each individual's skin to ensure they achieve the perfect colour. This means it is suitable for ALL skin types.

What is the colour base?

1. Elevate does not have your traditional green/violet colour base, the colour correcting pigments of Elevate adapt to the individuals' skin tone so each application will look different.

2. MoroccanElevate is a hybrid blend that takes traditional tanning and colour pigment inspiration from our best-selling Bronze and Coco formulas. It intertwines this with a quadruple bronzer complex and colour correcting technology that adapts to each individual’s skin tone creating the perfect bronzed hues.

Can you sleep in Elevate?

You can sleep in MoroccanElevate! Even without the fear of over-processing!!! While you’re getting your beauty sleep our 48-hour hydration complex and skin-loving nourishing ingredients continue to hydrate, and treat the skin. Which is another benefit of using a customisable tan that is enhanced with skincare

Is Elevate the same as Accelerated?
MoroccanElevate does sit in the same realm as Accelerated, with different hero ingredients like Essential Fatty Acids and DHA Rapid to help fortify and protect the skin barrier and deliver a faster absorption of DHA and extend the life of your tan.

What does customisable mean?
Customisable tanning brings versatility to the product. MoroccanElevate allows you to rinse at your leisure, layer the product, and blend the product with other MoroccanTan products. We wanted to create a tanning solution that doesn't feel restrictive to use and that suits ALL skin types.

Can it be blended with other solutions?

Yes!! MoroccnElevate can be blended with other solutions within our range and also layered to achieve a signature colour that is uniquely you!! MoroccanElevate breaks the mould of traditional tanning and allows you to tan in a more customisable way.

Suggested Rinse Times

2 coats

  • 30-1hr = Natural
  • 2-3hrs = Medium to Deep Medium
  • 4-5hrs = Dark
  • 6+hrs = Dark Intense

1 coat

  • 2-3hrs = Natural
  • 4-5hrs = Medium
  • 6hrs = Dark

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