Bronsun Eyelash & Eyebrow Dye Complete Kit

Bronsun Eyelash & Eyebrow Dye Tint Complete Kit

  • Hybrid eyelash & eyebrow dye 
  • All shades complete kit
  • Great set for your lash & brow needs
  • Perfect essentials for professionals

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Get the perfect kit to restock all of your favourite lash and brow dye products!

This lash and brow dye all-in-one kit from Bronsun lets you and your clients achieve that extra-long-lasting dye that colours both the skin and hair of the eyebrows and eyelashes while the pre and post-care products gently and effectively prepare the eyebrow area for the tinting procedure. It ensures that there is even tinting and prolongs the longevity of the dye. Another amazing thing about the Bronsun Pre and Post range is that it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Bronsun is created for professionals of the lash & brow industry and is often called 'hybrid'

For professional use only.


  • Bronsun Milk Cream Developer — specially developed oxidant, designed to create the most consistent colour while using Bronsun Lash and Brow Dye.
  • Bronsun Removal Composition (Dye Remover) — gently removes dye residue from the skin and hair. It can be applied during the procedure or straight after treatment.
  • Master Brush Set — 4 high-quality hard artificial pile brushes that allow you to create smooth, clear lines. The brushes do not fluff and will retain their shape due to their dense bristles.
  • Bronsun Eyelash & Eyebrow Saline Solution — a multi-functional product designed to cleanse and degrease the eyebrows and eyelashes before a procedure: tinting with dye or henna, lamination or long-term Brow Perm.
  • Bronsun Eyebrow Shampoo — gently cleanses and degreases the eyebrows and skin under them but also provides required care. Due to betaine, an active ingredient of a natural origin, this shampoo is designed to make hair shine and improve its structure. Panthenol is designed to moisturise, strengthen, and soften the hairs, providing a “conditioning” effect.
  • Bronsun Eyebrow Conditioner — gently cleanses the eyebrows from dye residues and helps to protect tinted hairs, keeping the colour rich and intense. This conditioner is designed to create a weak acid environment, stabilising the shade on the skin, stopping the colourant action, due to which the eyebrow hairs do not become darker and do not change colour after the procedure.
  • Bronsun Eyebrow Primer — gently and effectively prepares the eyebrow area for the tinting procedure. It helps to remove makeup residue, cleanse and degrease the skin and hairs without drying them out. Promotes even tinting and prolongs the resulting longevity. Allantoin, contained in the composition, is designed to protect from free radicals and stimulate cell regeneration.
  • Bronsun Colour Fixing Lotion — recommended for use when tinting with dye or henna and in your eyebrow-care routine at home. Suitable for all types of dye or henna. The product promotes the fixing of colour after the tinting procedure and provides a long-lasting effect. It's also designed with moisturising properties.

Pack Includes:

  • 8 Shades Of Bronsun (8x 15ml)
  • 1 X Milk Cream Developer 3% (20ml)
  • 1 X Removal Composition (Dye Remover) (20ml)
  • 1 X Master Brush (Set)
    • 1 x Rounded Brush (Classic)
    • 1 x Rounded Brush (Mini)
    • 1 x Angled Brush (Classic)
    • 1 x Angled Brush (Mini)
  • 1 X Eyelash & Eyebrow Saline Solution (50ml)
  • 1 X Eyebrow Shampoo (50ml)
  • 1 X Eyebrow Conditioner (50ml)
  • 1 X Eyebrow Primer (50ml)
  • 1 X Colour Fixing Lotion (50ml)


STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store the dye at a temperature from 5 °С to 25 °С from the heating device. Do not freeze. Dye for professional use only. Does not contain Ammonia. 30 months after the date of production (on the bottle).

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