Trend Alert: Thumbs Are Officially the New Accent Nail!

Trend Alert: Thumbs Are Officially the New Accent Nail!

Humans are naturally curious: our species seems to excel at posing questions that are well and truly baffling. You know, the kinds of questions that are paradoxical beyond the point of resolution: "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

Lastly, the most brain-bending of all: "Is a thumb a finger?"

According to the folks at Grammarly, the almighty thumb dare not be described as part of the finger family. These word nerds reckon that although many people fail to make the distinction, the thumb should always be declared a "digit." In accordance with this concept, the Oxford dictionary defines fingers as “Each of the four slender jointed parts attached to either hand...” There's no denying that the thumb "digit" does physically differ from its neighbouring phalanges. This lone ranger also differs in its superior performance skills. Without our opposable thumbs, humans wouldn't be able to pick up and use important things like nail polish.

With such sweet skills, it was only a matter of time before the nail industry paid the thumb the respect it deserves. Introducing the newest nail trend - thumbs as accent nails! Not sure you're keen? Scroll down to be swayed.

Dating as far back as ancient Egypt, the thumb ring has gone in and out of fashion heaps of times throughout history. For a modern twist, why not let your thumbnail bring the bling? We're absolutely on board with this jewellery-inspired look by mpnails! Madeline Poole is the talented nail artist behind this divine accent digit. 

If you don't like sunflowers, you're lying. With that said, how cute is this intricate floral nail art? Jumping on board the new accent nail trend, this bright sunny look takes the thumb accent nail trend to adorable new heights. This look was created by nail magician Olga Gulak. Keen to get creative with a yellow that stands out to this level? Browse our bountiful selection of yellow nail polish! 

In case your mind wasn't already blown, check out this intergalactic nail art. Created by Insta-famous nail artist, Hang Nguyen, this radiant royal blue accent nail is out of this world! Looking for the right shade of navy to recreate this look? We recommend Gelish's aptly-named "Wiggle Finger Wiggle Thumbs That's The Way Magic Comes". 

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