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Beginner's Guide: DIY Acrylic Dip Manicure at Home!
Addicted to the look of dip nails? We don't blame you! If you've recently had your monthly dip appointment cancelled due to COVID-19 you might be feeling a bit bummed. Meet your new favourite nail tech - you!  SHOPPING LIST...
How to: Remove Gel Nails at Home
Has your favourite salon closed their doors due to COVID-19? Stuck with three-week old gels on hand? We've got all the supplies and info you need to become an at-home removal queen!
Beginner's Guide: DIY Gel Manicure at Home!
As COVID-19 continues to escalate, nearly all nail salons in Australia are closing their doors. This doesn't mean you can't treat yourself to a fresh gel manicure! While we also love going in for a fresh set of gels, there's...
How to: Remove Acrylic Dip Nails at Home
With COVID-19 causing salons across Australia to temporarily close, we've got your step-by-step guide to remove your dip nails at home!
FAQ: How to Rescue, Repair and Protect Damaged Hair!
Time and time again, humans want what they can't have. After settling into summer we crave the cool days of autumn, yet sure enough, when they arrive we reminisce about the sun. By the same silly standard, many of us beauty...
Video Tutorial: Autumn Makeup and Glowing Skin!
With a fresh new season unfolding, it can feel a bit overwhelming to adjust your makeup and skincare routine to suit. During the sweaty days of summer, simple minimalist makeup is often more appealing than a bold statement lip or...
How to Get the Full Fluffy Brows of Your Dreams!
Always dreamt of bolder brows? Our beauty experts have your back!
How to Beat Brassy Blonde Hair for Good!
Keep your hair in tip-top tone.
Summer Style: How to Get Beach Waves Without the Ocean!
Skip the ocean, get the mermaid locks.
Introducing Brow Lamination - The New Eyebrow Trend We Love!
Think microblading, minus the needle!
Our Top Hair, Makeup and Beauty Tips for Wedding Guests!
With wedding season in full swing, your social countdown probably revolves around a couple of special days surrounded by friends and family. After sorting your gift and outfit, there's one last crucial job to do as a wedding day guest...
Hello Davroe: Meet the Australian Brand Making Hair Wellness a Thing!

Davroe gives more by adding less. Their products promote "hair wellness" by prioritising natural ingredients, never including harsh sulphates.



Paint on Pantone's 2020 Colour of the Year!
Meet your new favourite hue, classic blue!
Buying Guide: Find the Best Hairspray for Your Hair Type!
Hairspray is like coffee. Sure, some people survive without it, but those people are probably not to be trusted.
Dare to DIY: How to Colour Your Hair at Home
Be your own hair artist! Watch and learn just how easy it is to get your dream colour at home.
Face Up to the Skin Queen
Prepare your skin for spring with our team's favourite skincare products!
FAQ: What's the Difference Between Shellac and Gel Polish?
*Pardon us while we blow your mind* Shellac® isn't actually a thing; it's a brand.
Platinum Prep: Everything You Need to Know Before Going Bleached Blonde!
Channel your inner Daenerys without destroying your hair. 
Spring Racing Hair Inspo: How to Turn Heads at the Horse Races!
Rock the racetrack with one of these three stunning spring hairstyles.
Royal Racing: Your Spring Racing Makeup Inspo from Meghan and Kate!
Let the ladies of the royal family inspire your perfect race day makeup.
Carefree Curls: How to Style the Season's Hottest Hair Trend
Let your texture do the talking!