Beginner's Guide: DIY Gel Manicure at Home!

Beginner's Guide: DIY Gel Manicure at Home!

While we also love going in for a fresh set of gels, there's no better time to become your very own nail tech! 




1) Shape the nail to the desired shape (round, square, oval etc.) using a finer grit file such as Artists Choice Professional Nail File Standard 240/240. Also, file the sidewalls to straighten and create a symmetrical and flattering overall shape.

2) Carefully apply a small amount of CND Cuticle Away using RealCare Cotton Tips

Note: Avoid touching the cuticle away with your bare hands, as the active ingredient is designed to dissolve dead skin around the nail for easy and painless removal of cuticles only. (if your skin is sensitive, or you are diabetic, skip this step)

3) Using a damp cotton ballremove the cuticle away and dry the nail and skin This prevents slipping when doing the next step

4) Using an Artists Choice Professional Cuticle Pusher Single-Ended or cuticle pusher equivalent, gently push back the cuticles. Strive for a nice even rounded cuticle line for a more flattering polish application.

5) With a Caronlab Grip Stainless Steel Cuticle Nipper (GT2) carefully remove non-living tissue. These are generally white in colour and separated from the nail plate. Do not remove too much to prevent injury, just nip hangnails and non-living tissue. (if your skin is sensitive, or you are diabetic, skip this step)

6) Cleanse the nail plate using CND ScrubFresh 59ml and a lint-free wipe. The trick is to physically scrub the nail plate to remove oils and debris from the nail. This makes sure the Gel Polish bonds well and there is no slick oil barrier layer

7) Gently buff the natural nail to smooth out the nail surface and edges using a CND Boomerang Buffer 180/180 Grit. Repeat step 6 to remove dust and debris and residual oils Gel Polish Application -

8) To maximize adhesion of Gel Polish, apply OPI Bondaid - PH Balancing Agent to the nails. repeat on all fingernails. This will create the perfect foundation for the next step


9) Apply a Gel base coat to bond the gel polish colour of your choice to the nail. We recommend a thin even coat of Harmony Gelish Foundation Base Coat. cure in UV Lamp for 30 sec and 5 sec in LED Lamp

10) Apply an even thin coat of your favourite Gel Polish colour, remembering to cap the free edge. Cure in UV Lamp for 2 min and 30 - 60 sec in LED Lamp. Repeat this step for the final colour coat. 

11) Apply an even coat of Gel Polish Topcoat. We recommend Harmony Gelish Top It Off Top Coat remembering to cap the free edge sealing the colour for up to 21 days wear. Cure in UV Lamp for 2 min and 30 - 60 sec in LED Lamp When lamp finishes curing, allow the hands to sit and cool for 1 min for superior shine

12) Using an EzFlow EZ Nail Wipe with Gelish Nail Surface Cleanse - 480ml, scrub the surface of the nail to remove the tacky uncured gel.



13) To nourish and re-hydrate your skin and nails, apply OPI Pro Spa Nail & Cuticle Oil 14.8ml to the nail and rub into the skin. This will also help extend the life of the Gel Polish. 

14) With Lycon Spa Essentials Coconut & Vanilla Hand & Body Lotion, slowly massage your hands, wrist and forearm. Apply firm pressure and massage those areas until the lotion is absorbed. This increases circulation and promotes healthy skin and nails