Platinum Prep: Everything You Need to Know Before Going Bleached Blonde!

Platinum Prep: Everything You Need to Know Before Going Bleached Blonde!

Unless you've opted out of Instagram and have been avoiding Pinterest like the plague, platinum blonde hair is everywhere you look. Ever since Game of Thrones began, sandy blonde simply isn't cutting it. The ice-queen / silver blonde trend has taken hold and shows no signs of letting go. Platinum blonde hair was once thought to be best suited to those with soft features, however as Kim Kardashian proved, there's no skin tone that can't suit a bold blonde. 


Going platinum blonde isn't for the faint of heart; the darker your natural colour, the more stress your hair will go through during the lightening process. That being said, professional products and preparation make a massive difference when it comes to maintaining healthy hair post-colouring. If you've been box dyeing your hair darker for years, you're going to want to cut that out, like yesterday. The more colour you've deposited onto your hair, the harder it's going to be to lift. 

We recommend taking a 6-month break from colouring to prep your hair to go platinum.

Next, think about your ends. It's by no means uncommon to experience dryness or split-ends, however, it's important to keep them at bay if you plan to become a bold blonde. A month (or more!) before you plan to lighten your locks, begin working a hair mask into your weekend routine. A salon-quality hair mask can make a whole heap of difference in maintaining moisture throughout the entire length of your hair.




Last but not least, get a clean cut before your colour appointment. Having fresh ends will help prevent breakage on sensitive split-ends. 

Best Hair Masks to Prep for Platinum Blonde


Brasil Cacau - Extreme Repair 

Best For: Heat-damaged hair

Matrix Biolage - HydraSource 

Best For: Brittle, previously coloured hair

OSMO - Deep Moisture 

Best For: Dry hair, prone to frizz

RPR - Rejuvenate My Hair 

Best For: Flat and lifeless hair


Going blonde isn't a one-size-fits-all scenario. It's important to communicate carefully with your colourist to make your hair dreams a reality; you've got to learn to speak their language to paint a clear picture of what you're after. 

Balayage - This fancy french word basically means "hand-painted." By selecting individual strands of hair with a freehand technique, balayage creates a natural-looking blended colour. This intricate colouring technique has actually been in the mix for a while, but in the past few years, it's become super trendy. Ask your stylist for a platinum blonde balayage if you're not the kind to take monthly trips to the salon. This technique lets you grow out your roots without creating a harsh line of regrowth. 

Ask for balayage if: you're super keen on natural-looking low-maintenance colour, balayage is your best bet. This style works with your natural colour while brightening up your overall look. 

Ombré - Another word adopted from the French, ombré means "shade" or "shadow". This technique creates a dramatic two-toned colour contrast. This style of colour is a great choice for those who love their natural darker roots, yet want to lighten up throughout their length. This technique is traditionally comprised of two high-contrast shades (brown to blonde) but can also be more subtle. The more nuanced version of this look, known as sombré melts two shades with a softer variation.

Ask for ombré if: you're looking to make a statement with your hair. Like balayage, ombré is low-maintenance, however the strong contrast between root and length colour makes for a more head-turning hairstyle.

Full Head of Foils - A full head of highlights aka foils, is the most traditional blonde-ing method of the bunch. Your stylist will place approx. 50-100 foils throughout your hair, covering all sections for maximum lightening. A full head of foils is probably what you picture when you imagine going blonde, and is an effective way to transition from brunette babe to platinum blonde. 

Ask for a full head of foils if: you're looking to go a bold blonde straight from the root. This technique gives you the maximum lightening potential, however it does require regular salon maintenance to avoid harsh regrowth lines. 

Scalp Bleach: For those looking to ice up their existing blonde colour, a scalp bleach might be what you're after. This technique can be a dramatic change for those who've already been getting foils but crave an all-over platinum level blonde. A scalp bleach is exactly what it sounds like: applying a powerful lightener only to the regrowth. Because of the nature of this process, appointments need to be made every 4 to 6 weeks to prevent gold colour bands from forming at the root. 


Ask for a scalp bleach if: you're already blonde and want to get an even lighter level of platinum, right from the roots.  


What is purple shampoo and why does every blonde need it? Pure unadulterated science. 

Purple shampoo works to correct brassiness and warm tones that tend to sneak up in bleached blonde hair. This type of shampoo works by depositing a small amount Why purple? Have a browse at the colour wheel. It's no coincidence that purple sits directly across from orange. There's nothing platinum blonde hates more than yucky orange tones. Much like a toner, purple shampoo neutralizes the warm or brassy tones that pop up in cool blonde hair over time. 

Using purple shampoo is an absolute MUST for platinum blondes. Depending on how often you wash your hair, we recommend using purple shampoo at least once a week to stay proactive about keeping your blonde the cool tone you crave.

Best Purple Shampoos to Stay Platinum


Matrix - Brass Off 

Best For: Hair with warm undertones, prone to dryness.

Matrix - So Silver

Best For: Platinum hair prone to dullness and brass.

Biolage - Color Last

Best For: Bleached hair prone to colour fading.

 OSMO - Super Silver 

Best For: Super-lightened hair with grey/silver tones.