DIY: Blue Marble Nails using IBD Gel Polish!

If you're a nail lover like us, you're likely having manicure withdrawal by now. Not being able to take a bi-weekly trip to the nail salon is definitely a bummer, but we're here to shine a little light on the situation. 

There's never been a better time to try your hand at nail art you never knew you could achieve! Check out our step-by-step instructions to create stunning marble nails using IBD gel polish! 



  • Apply Gel Top Coat, cure 30 sec LED/2 min UV
  • Cleanse tacky layer with CND ScrubFresh (or IPA) and a lint-free wipe
  • Draw on a squiggle pattern with a sharpie

  • Use a cotton bud to drop CND ScrubFresh (or IPA) onto the sharpie tip to break pigment (can use IPA as an alternative)

  • Use an old striper brush dipped in CND ScrubFresh (or IPA) to redirect the flow of bleed to create marble design (alternatively you can use a toothpick wrapped in cotton)

  • Wait until the CND ScrubFresh (or IPA) completely evaporates
  • Apply Gel Top Coat, cure 30 sec LED/2 min UV to seal the sharpie ink using IBD Just Gel Polish Abracadabra and an old striper brush or toothpick, apply faint squiggles from the sides of the nail in a horizontal pattern following the marble.
  • Cure for  30 sec LED / 2 min UV If you have gold foil flakes lying around the house then add some to the tacky Gelish polish

  • Apply Gel Top Coat cure 30 sec LED/2 min UV to seal in the design
  • Cleanse nail with IPA and a lint-free wipe