Dare to DIY: How to Colour Your Hair at Home

Dare to DIY: How to Colour Your Hair at Home

Be your own hair artist! Watch and learn just how easy it is to score seriously stunning hair colour without having to dish over a ton of cash. While we don't suggest you DIY a dramatic colour change (aka black to platinum) without a salon setting, we strongly support enhancing your natural colour at home!

How to Dye Your Hair at Home - Video Tutorial

Begin by preparing the mixture: combine the colour cream with the bottle of activator and shake well. Apply petroleum jelly or lotion along your hairline to protect your skin from staining.

For regrowth: apply colour to your scalp first, using half of the bottle and leaving on for 20 minutes. Next, apply the remaining mixture to your sides and lengths, leaving on for an additional 10 minutes.

For first-time colour: apply the colour mixture all-over, applying evenly to your sides, lengths and roots. Leave on for a full 30 minutes. 

Finish with the colour treatment to close the hair cuticle and seal in your new look. 



  • Perform a patch test before applying colour all over. This is simply good practice when trying a new product to prevent allergic reactions or skin irritations 
  • Browse the brand's entire range of colours to find the option that best suits the colour you're craving. Read the label carefully and see examples of the final results based on your starting colour. 


  • Do NOT we repeat do NOT see box dye as a substitute for a professional stylist to dramatically lift colour. Whether you're born with raven-coloured hair or have been dyeing it that way for years, you can not achieve platinum blonde from a box. Any honest stylist will tell you that going black to blonde is a multi-step costly process. Attempting to take on such a task at home in one shot can leave you with a yucky mess of orange tones and a serious sad face.