4 Tips to Cover Stubborn Grey Hair at Home

4 Tips to Cover Stubborn Grey Hair at Home

1) Find the Right Formula

While some women choose to embrace the grey, many prefer to cover with colour. Start by evaluating the level of grey you're currently dealing with. For those with 50% grey or more, we recommend opting for permanent hair colour, rather than semi-permanent or temporary colour. Next, browse for a brand that offers complete grey coverage and grab a shade that suits you. While a dramatic makeover can be super uplifting, a good rule of thumb is to start by straying only one to two shades away from your natural colour.

The best grey hair covering shades for brunettes:

Poor brunettes. Grey stands out in brown like a fly on a wedding cake. Combat this yucky contrast with a medium-brown shade. Even if your natural hair colour is quite dark, stick to a medium-brown to avoid giving you Morticia Adams vibes.

The best grey hair covering shades for blondes: You lucky lady: blondes basically have it the best when it comes to getting rid of greys. Natural blondes with a fair complexion should opt for golden hues that hide grey without washing out their skin tone. Blondes with cooler complexions or darker skin can pull off more platinum icy shades.

The best grey hair covering shades for redheads:

If you were blessed to be born with radiant red locks, don't let grey take them away! Choose a copper-toned brunette shade that brings back some of the red you miss, without overpowering your look. While firetruck red might look good on Rihanna, it's probably not the best bet for most of us mere mortals.

Natural hair colour is often misconceived as weaker and less effective than traditional colour. However, with Naturigin permanent organic hair colour, that need not be the case. Certified vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and loaded with organic ingredients, this Denmark-based brand elevates natural beauty to a whole new level. Naturigin delivers 100% colour coverage: perfect for fighting even the fussiest greys.

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2) Section & Apply with Ease

Start by dividing your hair into four chunks. Then, make small Sailor Moon style buns to secure each section in place. During the application, you'll work with little 1/2cm slices at a time. This allows you to apply the colour with better precision, which is especially important for grey-hunters!

Follow the instructions on the box to get your formula sorted. Then, put on your gloves and get going. Apply your colour of choice to the roots, before running it through the lengths. Why? Picture that little silver halo that appears when your grey starts growing back. Odds are, your greys are more concentrated at the root area, therefore they need a little extra time to let the dye do its thing. Many folks make the mistake of skimping out on colour the first time they try to cover greys. Saying goodbye to silver just might require more colour than you're used to using. Play it safe and prepare a bit of extra dye to avoid any chance of running out mid dye sesh. For those with thick hair, that likely means mixing up two full boxes of at-home hair colour.

3) Use the Right Light

To find and fix pesky greys, make sure your space is really well lit: fluorescent lights or dim bathrooms just aren't gonna cut it. Let Glamcor professional lights literally transform your vanity into a salon-quality space. The RIKI Skinny lighted vanity mirror is lined with ultra-bright LED's to help you see every last hair. The Skinny also comes with an add-on magnifying attachment, so you can zoom in and double-check your hairline for any sneaky stragglers!

4) Keep Your Colour

Just because you're a wizard at at-home hair colour now, that doesn't mean you're going to want to redo it every week. Give your grey coverage a better chance at lasting by using the right colour-care products. Naturigin Colour Care Hair Wash and Colour Care Conditioner come together to make a great in-shower shield. Formulated with lush ingredients like chamomile and hydrolyzed silk protein, this duo helps improve elasticity and shine while keeping your colour locked in for longer.

Bonus Tip: Be sure your diet and lifestyle aren't speeding up the growth of your greys! B12 deficiencies and stress are known causes of premature growth of greys!