Hair Loss & Thinning

Both males and females can experience thinning hair and hair loss. Like many things, the earlier you start treating, the better the results in most cases. Whether you are wanting to treat for thinning hair or improve the appearance of thinning hair (maybe you have naturally fine hair), we have a range of products that we'd encourage you to try. 

L'Oreal Professionel Serioxyl Denser Hair Serum has seen results such as 1,000 hairs revealed in 6 weeks*. It is a daily treatment for those wanting denser, more luscious hair and is powered by Stemoxydine & Resveratrol. These molecules mimic the environment required for stem cell stimulation which can awaken dormant follicles for the creation of new hair. 

The Redken Cerafill collection is a range of hair thinning solutions for fine to thinning hair and are safe for colour treated and chemically treated hair. You're on your way to improving the appearance of thinning hair with this range.

Read each product to learn how they can help you to regain your confidence with.

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