OPI Chrome Effects Nail Art Tutorial: How to "Chrome in Thirds!"

OPI Chrome Effects Nail Art Tutorial: How to "Chrome in Thirds!"

Throughout the past year, we've seen tremendous growth at Le Beauty. We've had the pleasure of adding 6 new faces to our team and introducing 1391 new products to our inventory. We pride ourselves in bringing you quality products at the forefront of the professional beauty industry. 

With great products comes great responsibility. This past winter we launched our YouTube channel to bring you top tips and tutorials to use your professional products to their true potential. This week on the Beauty Lab blog we've got a very special tutorial to help you create nail magic with OPI's Chrome Effects powders. 


Nail Art How-to Tutorial: "Chrome in Thirds"

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OPI Chrome Effects powders have quickly become one of our most talked about products. With 8 different shades and heaps of potential looks, Chrome Effects can be adapted to suit any clients style. For those of you looking to get creative with chrome, we have an exclusive tutorial to teach you how to chrome in thirds.

Products needed:


Start by applying OPI Gel Colour Base Coat, followed by two layers of OPI Gel Colour in Alpine Snow. This crisp white gel colour sets the stage for a bright beautiful chrome powder application. Apply a small piece of sticky tape to cover the top two-thirds of your nail. This creates a barrier to separate the chrome powder into three distinct sections. 

Time to apply your first layer of Chrome Effects powder! Begin with Bronzed By the Sun. Using a small makeup sponge apply a generous amount of powder to the exposed lower third of the nail. Use a dust brush to remove any excess powder.

Next, remove the tape and move up to expose the second section of the nail. The tape should now only be covering the top edge of your nail. You should have a beautiful crisp line between your Bronzed By the Sun powder and the rest of the nail. Now it's time to apply the second colour of chrome, Gold Digger. Dip your makeup sponge in chrome powder and apply over the middle section of the nail. Use a dust brush to remove any excess powder.
chrome effects nail art

Remove the tape to reveal three distinct beautiful sections. To remove any unwanted powder, use isopropyl alcohol on a lint-free pad. Finish with OPI Chrome Effects No Cleanse Top Coat. This will seal and protect your gel colour and chrome powders. 

Et voila! Your gorgeous three-part Chrome Effects manicure is complete! This chic look can easily be adapted to suit any client's style. Simply swap in different colours of Chrome Effects powders or switch up your sections to create custom new looks! See below for a little extra inspo and subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to see our latest tutorials!