FAQ: Can You Mix Acrylic Dipping Systems?

One of our most popular nail systems: acrylic dipping powder has become a sought-after service in nail salons around the world. As one of Australia's biggest dipping powder stockists, we're excited to tell you that yes you can mix dipping system brands BUT there's a trick to doing it right.

Let's Chat About

- The science behind mixing dipping systems
- How to mix dipping system liquids
- How to mix dipping system powders

At Le Beauty, we pride ourselves on stocking only the best brands in the industry. You can shop confidently knowing that the brands you're buying enable your best work possible. That being said, even the best nail products can deliver less-than-perfect results if used improperly. Dipping systems are the prime example. With five acrylic dip brands currently available on our site, we can totally understand the temptation to mix and match between dip brands. We're happy to confirm that you absolutely can mix dipping powder brands, but you must mix wisely!

Answering your top questions about dipping system compatibility:

Q: What makes dipping systems unique from one brand to another?

A: Let's start with some simple science. Dipping systems are in fact "systems" comprised of specific liquids and powders that work together to create manicure magic. There's a key chemical reaction that occurs in a dipping system manicure: it's the critical difference between a successful set of nails and an epic fail. That magical reaction is called polymerization: it provides the strength and durability that dipping systems are famous for. Most dipping systems are comprised of similar structures and follow the same basic application instructions. 

It's important to note that each brand may have slight variations in their products that create a marginal difference in their required application.

For example, the popular SNS brand includes "pre-bonded" powders which require a different application when compared to other brands like OPI Powder Perfection or Gelish Dip. Always read the manufacturers instructions when trying out a new brand of dipping powder.

PS. Wondering where all our SNS inventory has gone? Read our recent blog post to find out why we discontinued SNS and to learn about our best dipping powder brands beyond SNS.

Q: Can I mix dipping system liquids?

A: Remember that powerful force we mentioned called polymerization? Well, the key component to creating that reaction is the dipping liquids! It's absolutely essential to use the dipping liquids as intended, otherwise, the acrylic powders simply won't set.

Whenever possible, we recommend using all of the liquids within the same brand of dipping system.

That being said, it's not impossible to successfully mix dipping liquids, but it's a much safer bet to stick to one brand of liquids per application. Following this advice is the best way to set yourself up for a perfectly polymerized dip powder manicure!

Q: Can I mix dipping system powders?

Now on to the fun part. At Le Beauty, we currently stock over 400 shades of acrylic dip. With that in mind, we think it would be downright criminal to force you to cut your options in half by telling you to stick to one brand of dipping powder.

You can absolutely use a different brand of dipping powder and dipping liquid.

From vibrant glitter shades to subtle french powders, we encourage you to browse our full selection of dipping powders so you can match any client's personal style. Like we mentioned above, try to stick to one brand of dipping liquids per application, however that brand doesn't have to be the same as your client's choice of powder. Now that you know how to mix and match dipping systems, it's time to enjoy the vast variety of acrylic dip shades available at Le Beauty!