Trending Top Coats: How to Transform CND's Shellac Polish!

Trending Top Coats: How to Transform CND's Shellac Polish!

Known for easy applications and superior strength, CND Shellac hybrid polish has become an industry staple for passionate nail technicians. Shellac's cult-following is well-earned. This superior nail system applies like polish, yet provides two to three weeks of long and strong wear. Odds are your salon stocks a variety of CND's shellac shades, however, you may not be familiar with their terrific line of transformational top coats. From their signature glossy finish coats to their lux matte and pearl shine options, CND has a wide variety of topcoats that can truly transform a traditional Shellac manicure!  


CND Shellac Original Top Coat

The original CND Shellac top coat delivers a classic crystal-clear glossy finish. This professional top coat was designed for an 8-minute removal. The Classic top coat is the perfect choice for those just starting with the system, as it offers the greatest diversity and makes a great choice for all Shellac clients. The key benefit of this top coat (as well as all CND top coats!) is the easy removal. There's no filing necessary when it comes time to remove your client's Shellac colour and start fresh. Simply apply Offly Fast Moisturising Remover to a CND Foil Removal Wrap and cover the nail for 8 minutes.

Pro Tip: Set your clients up for successful at-home removals! Our CND Offly Fast Removal & Care Kit makes for an amazing retail upsell after a Shellac manicure. Educate your clients about proper removal to prevent peeling, pulling and nail damage between services. This complete removal kit includes all the essential CND products for easy at-home removals. This retail product benefits you both by saving your clients the in-salon removal service and assuring they return for their next appointment with beautiful healthy nails.

CND Shellac DuraForce Top Coat




DuraForce was designed to create an amazing strong seal for the strongest Shellac nails possible. It offers 25 per cent extra protection, making it a terrific top coat for clients with weak, thin or damaged nails. DuraForce is also a quality choice for clients who work with their hands or put their nails through tough conditions. This durable top coat is ideal for nail art and embellishments which may cause extra strain on the natural nail. It has the proven power to extend the wear of Shellac nails by an extra week! DuraForce is advertised as a 15-minute removal.

CND Shellac Xpress5 Top Coat

The newest top coat created by CND, Xpress5 offers the fastest Shellac removal yet. Advertised as a 5-minute removal. This top coat is a great option for clients who prefer at-home removals and seek the quickest turnaround time possible.


CND Shellac Matte Top Coat

Matte nails are a magnificent way to take your favourite Shellac shade and transform it into a completely new finish. This on-trend look takes all shine away from your chosen Shellac shade and delivers a divine chalkboard style finish. When used over Studio White, the matte top coat creates a smooth paper-like white. When used over Black Pool, the matte top coat delivers a true chalkboard style nail with no-shine whatsoever. When used over mid-tone colours including pinks and reds, the matte top coat successfully removes shine for a trendy twist on staple Shellac shades.

CND Shellac Glitter Top Coat

When used over Studio White, the glitter top coat throws a primarily green and gold subtle sparkle. The glitter top coat truly shines when used over darker shades such as Black Pool. It throws heaps of colours including pink, gold, yellow and green specks of glitter. When used over mid-tone shades including pinks and reds, the glitter top coat throws a primarily golden effect with touches of green.

CND Shellac Pearl Top Coat

When used over Studio White, the pearl top coat creates a silky gloss top coat with high-shine. The pearl top coat delivers the most dramatic effect when used over darker Shellac shades such as Black Pool. It throws a gorgeous blue tone to noticeably transform your signature shade. When used over mid-tone shades such as pink and red, the pearl top coat creates luscious smoothness for a stylish shining Shellac manicure. There's never been a better time to let your creativity shine. With so many top coats to choose from, you and your clients can transform a signature CND Shellac shade into something completely different.

For a complete visual buying guide, check out our Le Beauty YouTube channel.