FAQ: How to Rescue, Repair and Protect Damaged Hair!

FAQ: How to Rescue, Repair and Protect Damaged Hair!

Time and time again, humans want what they can't have. After settling into summer we crave the cool days of autumn, yet sure enough, when they arrive we reminisce about the sun. By the same silly standard, many of us beauty lovers crave a completely different head of hair from what we're born with. Heaps of curly-haired girls cringe at the thought of stepping in public without first using a set of straighteners. Just as stubborn - many straight-haired women wouldn't be caught dead without their curlers close by. 

When you work against nature (whether it's through colouring or heat styling) your hair health can definitely diminish. That being said, the beauty industry is all about experimenting and enhancing your natural beauty. With the right professional products & high-quality styling tools, damaged hair can be reversed and prevented! 

Read on for our top tips to rescue, restore and protect damaged hair! 


If you've ever dabbled in fitness culture you've heard all about the value of protein. Responsible for building and repairing tissue, protein is a key building block for a hot bod. Much the same, to stay healthy, strong and grow long, hair needs to be packed with protein. 

How do you know if your hair is in need of a protein punch? 

If your hair begins to feel limp, lifeless and weak (especially after colouring) you might need a protein treatment. 

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Pro tip: Did you know you can overdo it when it comes to protein? Turn to a protein treatment when your hair is feeling particularly weak, usually after colouring or a period of excessive heat styling. Once your hair begins to feel back to life lay off the protein for a bit. Daily use of protein treatments can cause an over-deposit and actually worsen the hair issues you're facing. 


 Here's the thing, conditioner is great and all, but what happens after you rinse it out? For ladies suffering through serious hair damage, washout conditioner just isn't gonna cut it. A leave-in conditioner picks up where your shower leaves off. Simply apply a hydrating leave-in product to towel-dried hair to help lock in moisture and be on the way back to hair that's full of life!

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Time to mask the problem - not in the way you think! Rather than hiding or covering up damage, hair masks target the root of the problem and impart the moisture your hair is likely lacking! A hair mask is a more concentrated type of conditioning treatment, built to help heat-damaged or colour treated hair return to it's former glory. 



One of the most frustrating parts of having damaged hair is the frizz factor. After lightening or heat styling, the natural oils that keep our hair healthy are often stolen away. Using a high-quality hair oil (especially on your ends) can help keep frizz at bay while improving hairs appearance and texture.

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You wouldn't sit out in the sun for hours without sunscreen, don't let your hair take the heat without covereage! If you do any form of heat styling (aka everyone) make sure you spray on a generous helping of heat spray to shield your hair from your blowdryer, straighteners or curlers! 

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Pro Tip: Professional products can and will make a world of difference when it comes to restoring your damaged hair, however don't forget to keep up with trims! Keeping up with regular trims is essential for damage-prone, coloured or constantly heat-styled hair. Split ends not only look yuck, but can also travel up the hair shaft, leading to an even more damaged-looking mane.