How to: Remove Gel Nails at Home

How to: Remove Gel Nails at Home

Do you remember your first gel manicure? That magical moment when you realised that your definition of nail polish had forever changed? The lifespan of your manicure suddenly leveled up from three days to three weeks. The one downside many gel converts come to find is the removal process. Returning to the salon just to remove your old set can be a bore. Save yourself the trip by learning to remove your gel nail polish at home! 





1) Using a 180/180 grit nail file to carefully file to remove the shine from the topcoat. Do this for all nails. This removes the top coat seal, allowing the remover to penetrate and lift the gel polish from the nail plate gently and with ease.

2) Saturate the cotton square on the CND Foil Remover Wraps with CND Offly Replenishing Nail Polish Remover

3) Position the saturated cotton onto the gel polish and tightly fold the fold to wrap and secure it in place. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to other hands - wait for 5-10 min.

4) Starting with the first foil that was placed open carefully and check if the gel polish has lifted clean off the nail plate. Using a Wooden Cuticle Stick remove the bulk of the dissolved gel polish.

5) If there is any residue left, re-saturate the CND Foil Remover Wrap with CND Shellac Offly Fast Moisturising Remover and put nails back and rewrap tightly, work on next finger. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until nails are clean of product.



6) Shape the nail to the desired shape (round, square, oval etc.) using a finer 240/240 grit nail file.

7) Gently buff the natural nail to smooth out the nail surface and edges using an orange sanding block.

8) Wash your hands using warm soapy water and dry thoroughly to remove dust debris.

9) Nourish and rehydrate your skin and nail with Gelish Nourish Cuticle Oil finished with Lycon Spa Essentials Coconut & Vanilla Hand & Body Lotion.