Magic Magnets: Everything You Need to Know About Magnetic Eyelashes

Magic Magnets: Everything You Need to Know About Magnetic Eyelashes

It's easy to see why certain beauty products and services become addictive. Whether it's a nail service, a fresh tan or a makeup look, anything that makes you look and feel your best can be a bit tough to give up. One of the most addicting beauty elements, lashes can completely transform a face!

Over the past few years, lash extensions have become a sought-after service for tons of beauty addicts in Melbourne and around the globe. While lash extensions can bring out the best in your clients, every so often some ladies choose to take a break. If your clients are looking for a break from lash extensions, temporary false lashes can provide an easy solution.

One of our longtime faves, Ardell false lashes have become a major player in the retail market. From full strip to individual accents, Ardell's glue-on lashes have become some of our best-selling products. Ardell has recently launched a new range of retail lashes with game-changing application technology.

Introducing Ardell Magnetic Lashes! 

This glue-free method is a zero-mess alternative for strip lashes. While they may sound too good to be true, these magnetic lashes really do deliver stunning lash looks from the comfort of home. There are however a few important tricks and tips needed to make the most of these magnetic wonders.

First, let's go over the manufacturer's application instructions.


  • To start, apply a volumizing mascara to natural lashes. This will help create a smooth blend between the natural and enhanced lashes.
  • Next, pick up the upper lashes for your right eye. Place and lightly pinch along the upper lash line.
  • Follow by picking up the lower lashes for the right eye and place underneath your natural lashes. Use a pinching motion again to trace along the lash line and lock the magnets in place.
  • Simply repeat the same process on the other eye. No adhesive needed! 

Ardell's Magnetic Lashes are available in two full strip sizes and two smaller accent sizes. The video showcases the full strip magnetic lashes in action.


  • Gently roll your index finger and thumb in opposite directions to release the magnetic lock. The lashes will then slide off of your eye and can be unlocked from one another by continuing the same rolling motion.
  • The lashes are completely reusable. Neatly place them back into the package, no formal aftercare is needed!



1) MIRROR IMAGE - When it comes to self-application, no need to go in blind! Take advantage of a small makeup mirror to help you get a better visual on your lash line. The perfect mirror for the job? The RIKI Cutie by GLAMCOR! This smartphone-sized mirror is lined with LED lights to perfectly light up your lashes! The Cutie also comes with a wearable finger ring to help keep as much of your hands free as possible during lash application. 

2) LINE IT UP - The trickiest part about applying magnetic lashes is lining them up. In order for the mini magnets to lock in place, you need to get the correct alignment. Like many beauty products, practice makes perfect! The first few times you apply, you may have trouble getting the lashes close enough to your natural lash line to make them look natural and sit comfortably. Rest assured, the more familiar you are with the product the easier your applications will become. We suggest taking advantage of the "wiggle" technique demonstrated in the above video. The same technique used for removal can be used during alignment to wiggle the lashes closer to your lash line.


If you find the traditional application instructions just aren't cutting it, try to flip and reverse them! One of the common issues magnetic lash beginners have is getting the top lash to stay in place before attaching the lower lash. An alternate way to apply is to begin by placing the bottom lashes on first. Open your eye and place the bottom lashes under your natural lash line. Close your eye to hold the lower lash in place while picking up the upper lashes. Then place the upper lash on top of your natural lashes, lining it up as closely as possible. Some women find this reverse application helpful in creating the best alignment and securely locking in the lash magnets.

Are you ready to give this magic method a go? Shop Ardell magnetic lashes now!