Regal by Anh Sharp L Foot Eyelash Tweezer (Japanese Stainless Steel)
Regal by Anh Soft L Foot Eyelash Tweezer (Japanese Stainless Steel)

Regal by Anh Volume Eyelash Tweezer Japanese Stainless Steel

  • L foot sharp eyelash tweezers 
  • For volume lash application
  • Ergonomic shape for comfort
  • Perfect fans
  • Even pressure

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What they are

We asked and Experts agree, it is essential to have the best tools to make the work easier.

Our Volume Tweezers are specifically designed for applying volume lashes, premade fans, and cluster lashes. Volume lashes are a type of false eyelashes that are made up of multiple thin lashes that are bunched together to create a fuller, more dramatic look.

Made of the finest Japanese Stainless steel brushed to a matte finish, Regal by Anh tweezers are designed to be a high-quality tool that will surpass the life of your inferior tweezers.

What they do

Our two designs are extremely popular because they suit all levels of lash artists and make the challenging task of picking up lash fans effortless.

They are tested to ensure even pressure distribution, ideal for perfect fanning every time. Their ergonomic shapes are designed to work with full control. These features make them an easy choice among lash artists

reg18139 Sharp L Foot Eyelash Tweezer (Japanese Stainless Steel)

At 110mm in length, the Regal by Anh Sharp L foot eyelash tweezer is perfect for picking up cluster lashes, and premade fans at any angle. To pick up individual lashes in a fan, create the fan using the pointed tip of the tweezer. Pick up the fan at 90 degrees for easy pickup. And you are good to go!

reg18140 Soft L Foot Eyelash Tweezer (Japanese Stainless Steel)

Slightly longer 140mm length, the Regal by Anh Soft L Foot Eyelash Tweezer can create fans using a multitude of techniques and angles. Whether you are a rocker, shimmy shaker, or roller this tool can do it all!

How to use them

To use these tweezers -

Making fans - you would first pick up multiple thin lashes with the tweezer's foot, and place the base of them back down onto the sticky backing of the lash strip.

Then, you would create a fan by gently separating the lashes with the tip of the tweezer's foot along the base of the lashes.

Once you are happy pick up the lashes with the fill jaw of the tweezer keeping the base of the fan to a point

Next, you would dip the base of the fan into a small amount of adhesive

Finally, you would carefully place the fan onto the natural lash and release it once the adhesive is set.

Why you need it

The Regal by Anh Volume Eyelash tweezers are designed to make the impossible, possible. Recommended for beginners, with practice, Pro’s find they stick to them as they are so easy to use. We have seen them to be compatible for all levels and is an essential accessory for every aspiring artist

The lash range even extends out to accessories such as lash mirrors and tweezer holders to hold your valuable tools.

How to take care of it

Taking care of the Regal by Anh Volume Eyelash Tweezers is simple thanks to its high-grade Japanese Stainless Steel make-up.

Clean the contact area with warm soapy water and dry immediately with a paper towel

Sanitise with Regal by Anh 70% Isopropyl Alcohol in between clients

If there is adhesive on the tweezer, saturate cotton with Regal by Anh 100% Pure Acetone to dissolve prior to cleaning them

When not in use we recommend storing them in the Regal by Anh Magnetic Storage Case

Disclaimer: Always keep clean and dry. Dropping will damage the tool.

Warning: Sharp Implement. Keep out of reach from children.

It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for use and to use caution when applying any type of false eyelashes to avoid damaging your natural lashes.

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