IBD Control Gel Clear 56g

IBD Control Gel Clear 56g

  • IBD's new pro hybrid Control Gel 
  • Easy to apply. perfect for beginners
  • Combines benefits of hard gel and acrylic
  • Provides total control over application and self-levelling formula
  • Cures in 30 seconds under LED lamps and two minutes under UV light 

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IBD introduces the latest in gel nail enhancement innovation: Control Gel! This new pro-hybrid gel combines the benefits of hard gel and acrylics in a simple easy to apply gel formula. Control gel is perfect for overlays and extensions, with a faster and uncomplicated application.

The unique gel formula stays in place, moves when you need it moved and has slight self-leveling properties that assist effortless application. Control Gel is lighter than acrylic and hard gels, without sacrificing strength and stability but without the monomer odor or excess dust. Cures in just 30 seconds under an LED lamp or two minutes under UV light. The combined efficiencies of gel and acrylic are wrapped into an all-in-one, odorless, ultra-light self-leveling formula!


  • Simple, 4 step system in comparison to traditional hard gels
  • Sculpt and shape beautiful artificial nails with ease
  • Creates strong, durable nails with a lightweight, natural finish
  • Enjoyable odor free salon experience
  • Slight self-leveling properties for ultimate control
  • Money saving, waste-free dispensing
  • Quickly cures under LED/UV Lights

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