Hi Lift RESCUE 1 Minute Miracle Treatment 200ml

Hi Lift RESCUE 1 Minute Miracle Treatment 200ml

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Hi Lift 1 Minute Deep Repair Treatment comes with many natural riches, including shea butter and coconut extracts for the best hair repair. This combo also aids in the revitalisation and hydration of dry hair and makes for scalp calmness. This deep conditioner for hair growth doesn’t weigh down hair despite infusing adequate moisture into the volume.


- Completely vegan, which makes it completely healthy for all types of hair
- The deep repair conditioner strengthens and smooths the hair leaving it with an amazing glow
- It also strengthens the strands of hair, reducing breakage incidence and getting out the best glow from all types of hair.
- It allows for faster healing of dry, damaged, and colour treated hair with issues. After thorough applications of this repair treatment formula, the hair retains its moisture with a glittering appearance.
- It doesn’t contain sulphate and parabens, so it does not cause chemical damage to the hair

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