Fanola Peroxide (1000ml) 3.5 Vol
Fanola Peroxide (1000ml) 10 Vol
Fanola Peroxide (1000ml) 20 Vol
Fanola Peroxide (1000ml) 30 Vol
Fanola Peroxide (1000ml) 40 Vol

Fanola Peroxide 1 Litre

  • Non-irritant developing cream
  • Smooth and creamy formula
  • Creates ultimate lifting and depositing ability
  • Yields best colour results
  • Banana perfumed scent

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Fanola Cream Peroxide is a smooth, non-irritant, and creamy formula created for the ultimate lifting and depositing results using Fanola colours. With its fruity banana scent, the Creamy Activator creates a specific "tone on tone" effect to enhance the application of colour in cream. Use with Fanola Colours for guaranteed best results.


  • Non-irritant developing cream.
  • Banana perfumed scent.
  • Smooth & creamy formula.
  • Creates ultimate lifting & depositing ability.
  • Yields best colour results


To be used with Fanola premium colours.

NOTE: This product is not intended for retail use. For professional use only. If this product is not used properly by a qualified professional, it may cause harm.

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