CND Plexigel Shaper 15ml

CND Plexigel Shaper 15ml

  • For use with the CND Plexigel System
  • Creates a layer of strength, and provides shape to flat nails
  • Convenient brush-in-a-bottle gel nail enhancement system
  • Provides up to 3+ weeks of wear
  • Use to fill, fix, shape & build  

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Introducing the CND Plexigel System, a multi-purpose brush-in-a-bottle gel nail enhancement system that delivers up to 3+ weeks of strength, length and shape.

  • Fill it: Mends cracked & split nails
  • Fix it: Repairs broken nails
  • Shape it: Plumps & shapes flat nails
  • Build it: Creates customisable length


  • No mixing or dipping
  • Self-leveling formula
  • Protects nails and won't cause damage
  • Specially designed brush for a smooth, controlled application

Add shape to flat nails with the CND Plexigel Shaper. With a clear brush on formula that creates a protective layer on the natural nail, for added strength. Also enhances wear of CND Shellac Gel Polish.

    Approx. 30 applications per bottle.

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