Caronlab Disposable Facial Wipes 100 Pack

Caronlab Disposable Facial Wipes 100 Pack

  • Superior quality disposable facial wipes
  • Ensure hygienic and effective product removal during facial treatments
  • Soft and versatile
  • Suitable for all salon and spa treatments
  • Convenient dispenser box included

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Caron Disposable Facial Wipes 100pk

Soft & gentle, ideal for facials!

Caronlab Australia's superior quality disposable facial wipes provide the most hygienic and efficient means of cleansing and removing residue from facial treatments. Highly absorbent, soft, luxurious and durable, these versatile wipes provide outstanding results at an affordable price. They are ideal for all treatments in all salons and spas and are available in handy dispenser boxes.

Available in:

100 Facial Wipes Box.

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