Luraco Chemstop Fume Extractor Filter

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Luraco Chemstop Fume Extractor Filter

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LURACO ChemStop Fume Extractor Filter

When used with LURACO Chemstop Fume Extractor, LURACO ChemStop Fume Extractor Filter implements a highly concentrated, advanced chemical absorption media. It features the revolutionary ChemStop technology, which effectively removes most of hazardous fumes and organic hydrocarbons from solvents, chlorine and chemicals commonly found in nail/hair salons. By giving your fume extractor a multi layer micro-filter assembly, the filters quickly catches the chemical fumes and other air impurities at their origin, leaving your salon smelling fresh and clean.

ABOUT Luraco

Luraco is the World's Number One Medical Massage Chair supplier and Best Medical Massage Chair in the world. The compact design of Luraco Technologiesタᄚロᆰ ChemStop Air Cleaner allows the unit to be placed on a technicianタᄚロᆰs work table to remove fumes from her breathing zone.

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