IBD Intro Gel Kit

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IBD Intro Gel Kit

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With this IBD Introductory Gel Kit create the beauty of clean clear gel nails or the gorgeous glamour of the french style. IBD Gel nails are easily applied without nasty fumes and excess dust, leaving your nails with beautiful lasting shine and strength. IBD gel can be used over Acrylic. With this kit you can create all of the following;

  • Clear Gel Nails over Natural Nails
  • Sculpting with White and Pink Builder Gel (easier than you think and produces a beautiful glamorous french style. The pink produces a lovely natural colour)
  • Clear, White & Pink Gel Nails over other nail products...e.g. acrylic
  • Clear or Pink Builder Gel over Tips (tips not included)

Kit includes;

  • Bonder - 7.3g/0.25 oz
  • Clear Gel - 7.3ml/0.25 oz
  • Clear Builder Gel - 7.3ml/0.25 oz
  • Pink Builder Gel - 7.3ml/0.25 oz
  • White Builder Gel - 7.3ml/0.25 oz
  • Cleanser Plus - 29.5ml/1 oz
  • 20 Nail Wipes
  • 1 Gel Brush (size 4)
  • Instruction Booklet

* Please note that this Introductory Kit does not include a UV Lamp which is needed to cure IBD Gel Nail products.

  • You can upgrade your kit by purchasing additional items for the following services;
  • Working with Gel Polish (purchase a gel polish and have permanent nail colour that does not chip...great for toe nails too, they will always look smart)
  • Working with Ultra Seal, Intense Seal & UV Topcoat (help your gel nails last longer by using one of the famous IBD top coats)
  • Nail Prep Spray (start off your nails service on the right foot by sanitising and dehydrating your nails for better adhesion)
  • Lavender Cuticle Oil (Add a touch of class to the end of your nail service!)
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