Caronlab Dair Hard Hot Wax Beads 500g
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Caronlab Dair Hard Hot Wax Beads 500g

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12.95 In stock

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Caron Dair Hard Hot Wax Beads 500g

Please note: This product is designed to be used in a professional wax heater.

Dair to be Dazzled!

Dair's advanced formula contains Mica so it glides onto the skin smoothly & softly while also giving a dazzling effect! Dair hard and strip waxes, renowned for its exceptional flexibility and ease of use, remove stubborn and short hairs without bruising or irritating the skin. This versatile wax, specifically designed to suit both male and female, total body waxing minimises the formation of ingrown hairs and contains an enticing mango essence

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