Our Top Hair, Makeup and Beauty Tips for Wedding Guests!

Our Top Hair, Makeup and Beauty Tips for Wedding Guests!

With wedding season in full swing, your social countdown probably revolves around a couple of special days surrounded by friends and family. After sorting your gift and outfit, there's one last crucial job to do as a wedding day guest - plan your glam! 

Check out our top tips and inspo for wedding hair, makeup and nails! 



It's not every day you get to try out the chic updo's you've saved on Insta. One of the cutest looks we've seen all over our Discover page is the "Halo Braid" !  


1) SECTION - Create a centre part and split your hair into two sides

2) PREP - Split one side into three sections

3) BRAID - Pass the side sections under the middle, adding hair from each side before you pass. Passing the hair under, instead of over makes the braid standout.  Continue all the way to the ends and secure with an elastic. 

4) DRESS - Pinch and pull starting from the bottom to loosen the braid.

5) REPEAT - Create the same braid on the other side. 

6) EXTEND - Clip in fishtail braid extensions directly behind your dutch braids.

7) SECURE - Wind the braid extension around the head, securing with clips as you go. 

8) FINISH - Cross over the other braids and pin the ends neatly into the base. 


If you prefer to let your hair down at a wedding, we love the look of deep waves! 

Style with: 

Watch and Learn How to Create a Deep Wave Look with ghd


As a guest, your nails should complement the occasion rather than steal the show. We suggest sticking to a traditional nail shade rather than rocking any sort of head-turning neon.  

OPI's Always Bare for You Collection includes 6 stunning shades perfectly suited for special occasions! 

Chiffon'd Of You is a sheer pink polish with a unique metallic finish. It's up to you how subtle or striking you'd like to make your look. Opt for one coat if you prefer a subtle, more traditional look or paint up to three layers for a more opaque option.

Baby Take a Vow (or watch your mate take hers!) in your new favourite shade. This classic pink polish is subtle yet chic enough to suit a formal occasion. Opt for one single coat if you prefer a translucent look or paint up to three coats if you prefer a full coverage baby pink bridal nail.



Formal events often start in the evening, making a smokey eye or bold red lip a classic choice. However, weddings are a different breed, and require a makeup look that can suit both day and night. Choose a daytime colour palette for your eyes, but up the glam-factor with volume lashes and seal the deal with your favourite pink lip.

For inspo, check out our Runway Room Full Coverage Glam makeup tutorial! 



Start your special event makeup right by using the absolute best light! As a wedding guest, the last thing you want is to distract from the bride's big day with a makeup mishap of your own! Lined with high-performance LED lights, the RIKI skinny mirror was born to bless your makeup applications! With 4 dimming settings and a convenient magnifying attachment, you can get up close to create wedding-ready brows, lips, and lashes! 


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