Pretty as Perla: Introducing the Natural New Way to Whiter Teeth!

Pretty as Perla: Introducing the Natural New Way to Whiter Teeth!

Originally a boutique smile studio, Pérla has transformed into a successful brand of professional whitening products. With a complete whitening kit and range of individual products available, this modern whitening brand is the perfect retail product to add to your beauty business. Pérla products are simple and easy to use from the comfort of home while delivering professional quality teeth whitening. Prioritising plant-based ingredients, Pérla products include effective natural elements such as charcoal, green tea, mint and coconut oil. Pérla products do not contain out of harsh ingredients that decay enamel or cause sensitivity.

As a company, Pérla's ultimate goal has always been to create confident smiles without sacrificing oral health or causing damage to the environment. 

Step One: Brush with Pérla Exfoliating Powder

A better way to brush! Pérla's exfoliating powder is a lavish alternative to traditional toothpaste. With micro-exfoliating beads, this powerful powder targets stains, removes plaque and delivers perfectly polished teeth! Pérla's exfoliating powder has a delicious fresh taste with natural ingredients including green tea and mint. Brushing with Pérla feels like a professional clean from the comfort of home. Reveal whiter brighter teeth by brushing daily with Pérla's exfoliating powder!

Step Two: Apply Pérla Activated Charcoal Whitening Strips

Choose whitening strips that won't strip your enamel! Need a little lift before a special event? Pérla's activated charcoal whitening strips are the perfect boost to your smile before any big day! Use this quick ten-minute treatment after brushing with exfoliating powder. With a gentle formula, these whitening strips will NOT strip your enamel or cause sensitivity. Pérla's whitening strips target stains caused by food and drink to deliver a noticeably whiter smile.

Step Three: Rinse with Pérla Coconut Oil

The finishing touch for a fresh, bright, white smile! Based on the ancient Ayurvedic method of oil pulling, Pérla's whitening coconut oil extracts toxins from gums and teeth to reveal radiance. Each packet contains 100% organic coconut oil and a hint of natural peppermint for fresh breath. Packaged in convenient single-use sachets, these ready to use treatments deliver quick and noticeable brightness with fresh breath as a bonus!

FAQ: Get to Know Pérla Products

What level of whiteness can I expect?

As individual needs and hygiene habits can vary, the whiteness level may not be identical from one mouth to another. Oral hygiene habits, lifestyle choices and maintenance can impact the level of whitening achieved from using Pérla products. According to Pérla's customer feedback, most users see a difference of 2-4 shades per application.

How often can Pérla's whitening kit be used?

Pérla recommends using their teeth whitening kit 3-4 times per week for optimum results. How long will results last? Lifestyle choices and how well you look after your teeth will dictate the length of time your results will last. However, Pérla's product category includes a full range of maintenance and aftercare products to keep teeth healthy, bright and white.

What makes Pérla's products different from competitors?

Pérla's exclusive whitening formula provides a stunning and safe way to whiten teeth. The activated charcoal formula works to provide a natural, pain-free whitening experience with noticeable results.

Are Pérla products safe? What about for crowns, fillings or veneers?

Pérla's whitening formula maintains a high pH level, which means it is not acidic. This pH level ensures no damage to the enamel is encountered during the whitening process. Pérla products are just as effective for crowns or veneers as they are for teeth. This professional formula helps to restore veneers, crowns, and fillings to their original colour by removing surface stains.


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