7 New Year Beauty Resolutions for a Radiant 2021!

"I really wish 2020 didn't have to end." - no one ever.

Let's face it, last year was long and cruel. With that said, why look backwards? We're not going that way! To help you shine in 2021 we've put together 7 beauty resolutions & product picks so you can look and feel your best all year long. 

1. Improve skincare absorption

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It's no secret that skincare is v in rn. If you're like us you probably did heaps of online shopping to maintain your sanity during iso. Hopefully some of those funds found there way into your skincare routine.

Don't let your purchases go to waste! Make sure your lush skin products are doing their job by using a Rose Quartz Facial Roller and Gua Sha. Our house brand Regal now offers this cute little kit to get you rolling! 

2. Invest in better mirror lighting


Getting ready daily in a space that does not reflect good light or a mirror can be tricky. Putting makeup on in sub-par lighting can often result in improper blending, eye smudging, and colour matching. It may happen that you step out of the house satisfied with your look only to realise the flaws in the rear-view mirror of your car.

Level up your setup to achieve application perfection! The RIKI Skinny LED Makeup Mirror was built to help get your grooming game on point. With adjustable lighting and Bluetooth functionality, this mirror is ready to make you shine even brighter than you already do!

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3. Save your lashes

We haven't quite decided if it's a good or bad thing that 2020 curbed our addiction to lash extensions. That being said, the trial seperation has us getting excited about falsies again! Ardell Magnetic Lashes get rid of the clumsy glue we've always known and sub in magical magnets! The Ardell Magnetic Strip Lashes 105 are our staff pick for perfect false lashes.

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BONUS - Learn How to Apply Magnetic Lashes



Nail your magnetic lash application with a little help from the pros! Watch and learn as our education manager Anh takes you through the step-by-step instructions to make your lash game flawless! 

4. Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen 

We are all in the know about what the sun does to our skin, so make it a resolution to put plan into practice and always have sunscreen handy... like the delicious smelling Bondi Sands Body Sunscreen we loooove!

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5. Strengthen & Protect Your Nails

No matter what your nail preference - natural, polish, gel, sns...it's so important to keep your natural nail healthy! Meet the IBX Duo Pack. This two part nail system (that can even be used under gel polish) helps to repair weak, brittle and splitting nails that prevent nail growth. This sweet little mini pack even includes a free Dadi Oil.

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6. Smudge-free Mascara Life

If you're taking a break from extensions, don't just settle for any old mascara! The luxurious Tubing Mascaras from Mirinesse are smudge proof, tear proof and water resistant! The original Secret Weapon 24 hour mascara is our staff pick for perfect smudge-proof lashes in 2021! 


7. Save Your Sheets

There's no shame in tanning when you do it the safe way aka fake tan, but don't let your tan routine ruin your sheets! A must have for any tan addict! Tanzee Self Tan Bed Sheet Protectors keep your linen stain-free and protected. Made from high-quality Microfibre Art Silk, it is nothing but luxurious.

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