Go Natural: Your Complete Guide to Our Cleanest Hair Brands!

Go Natural: Your Complete Guide to Our Cleanest Hair Brands!

Over the past few years, we've seen a massive rise in conscious consumerism. Words like "organic" "vegan" and "natural" which were once reserved for food labels are now popping up throughout the beauty industry. If you've never given much thought to what goes into your hair products, it might seem a bit overwhelming to start hawk-eyeing your labels. 

What is "Natural" Hair Care?

Just like hair itself, the definition of "natural" can be completely different from one person to another. For some, clean haircare means completely vegan, while for others it simply means free from harsh sulphates. Whichever level you're looking for, it's never a bad idea to be a bit more mindful of what goes inside your beauty buys! 

Cruelty-free - Shampoos and conditioners that are certified cruelty-free are never tested on animals in any stage of production.

Vegan - Many professional hair products contain animal ingredients like biotin, keratin, silk powder, and collagen. Look for certified vegan labels to easily avoid these ingredients.

Sulphate Free - Sodium lauryl sulphate or sodium Laureth sulphate is often listed as one of the main ingredients in shampoo. Known for its ability to build bubbles, this ingredient can be a bit too harsh for those with sensitive scalps or keratin treatments.

How to Shop Natural Haircare

When shopping for natural hair care products it's important to look for what isn't included. Just because a shampoo contains plant-based ingredients and has a pretty green bottle doesn't mean it's natural.

Many popular brands add in plant extracts and natural additives without actually omitting harsh sulphates or animal ingredients. Depending on your needs and values, always read the entire label and know what ingredients and certifications match your merits. 

Benefits of Going Clean

Gentle - Natural hair products are a great buy for anyone suffering from sensitive skin. You can't exactly shampoo your hair without getting all up in your scalp, therefore if you've got sensitive skin your best bet is to go natural! Many commonly used sulphates can be a bit harsh on those prone to dry or irritated scalps. Better yet, many natural shampoos and conditioners include ingredients designed to nourish and hydrate your scalp - straight from the earth! 

Ethical  - They say you vote with your dollar, and beauty products are no exception. If you follow a vegan or meat-free diet you're likely conscious of not giving your money to companies with an ethos you don't agree with. Choosing certified organic, vegan and cruelty-free hair products helps to support companies with the values you align with! 

Matrix Biolage R.A.W Collection


Real, authentic and wholesome -  the Biolage R.A.W collection is derived from 70  - 100% natural ingredients. These beautifully packaged products are a great choice for beauty lovers looking to ditch the complex harsh ingredients and get back to basics. The R.A.W collection creates the perfect balance between nature and performance.




PC: @davroe

Davroe gives more by adding less. Their products promote "hair wellness" by prioritising natural ingredients, never including harsh sulphates such as sodium, ammonium and myreth. Davroe products are designed to maintain the natural moisture barrier of the scalp and fight against hair colour fading. Bonus - this brand is Aussie made! Learn more about Davroe.  


Naturigin - Natural Hair Dye


Take everything you know about box dye and ditch it. Introducing NATURIGIN permanent organic hair colour and styling products! Certified vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and loaded with organic ingredients, this Denmark-based brand elevates natural beauty to a whole new level. Learn more about Naturigin

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