At Home Chic: How to Match Your Nails to Your Loungewear!

At Home Chic: How to Match Your Nails to Your Loungewear!

A question that's plagued beauty lovers, for decades - "Should your nails match your outfit?" Depending on how varied your style is, and how often you visit the salon, that might seem like a mission. The good news is we've all got heaps of time on our hands at the minute to do and redo our nails as much as we like! 

Have some fun with your style by matching your gel manicure to your loungewear! We've scoured through Insta to find the cutest lounge looks and hand-picked the perfect polishes to match! 

Have you hopped on the bubblegum shade trend? We love this sweat suit from @saskicollection and we reckon a gorgeous matte gel polish makes the perfect pairing! Whether you're all about the blues or partial to pink, shop our top two polish picks made to match! 



 Ok unless you've been living under a rock (aka. away from screens) all through iso, you've obviously noticed that tie-dye is back. We're so keen on acid-wash and tie-dye making a comeback, and we reckon there's no need to leave your nails out of the fun! First, choose two to three shades that match your lounge set, then head to YouTube and watch a tie-dye nail tutorial to recreate this cute nail look!






Leave it to Kim to make loungewear look this cute! This beautiful burgundy knit is a comfy way to stay Kardashian-level chic while stuck at home. Match your mani with this trendy shade from Gelish! Pro tip: Finish with a matte top coat to make your burgundy look even better! 


Loungewear doesn't have to just be for Netflix and chilling. This bold workout set from @lornajaneactive is cute enough to pry us off the couch any day! Before you leave the couch paint on this bold red gel polish from Gelish for an adorable matchy-matchy look. 


In our opinion, mint is by far the most underrated colour in fashion. We can't gush enough about this adorable activewear set worn by @candidlychan! Channel your inner Chandler with this pastel mint green gel polish from IBD!