How to Get Your Best DIY Pedicure at Home!


We'd be lying if we said our feet always looked flawless. Even as a beauty lover let's admit, we all let our toes get a little out of sorts at times, especially in the winter! 

Visiting a salon for a professional pedi is a treat, but it can certainly be done at home! With the right products and know-how, doing your own toes at home can be just as luxurious!

STEP ONE: Get the prep right

First, get rid of those ugly bits of ancient nail polish left on your toes. Just soak a cotton pad in nail polish remover and gently wipe away. If you've got leftover gel polish on, check out our how to remove gel nail polish post for help!  

STEP TWO: Set up & soak

Before you get too far into your task, set up your station for relaxation. Grab some incense, candles, whatever makes you feel cozy and pampered. Now, back to your feet. Fill a pedicure tub with warm water and your favourite scented foot soak.  Relax and let your feet soak for a few minutes to allow your skin and cuticles to soften. 

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STEP THREE: Get rid of dead skin

After getting a good soak, dry off your feet and grab a pumice bar or foot file. Go to town and take off any dead skin that needs to leave. Don't scrub until your feet turn raw, but do file enough until hard heels and thicker areas are softened. 

STEP FOUR: Trim & shape your toenails 

Now that your feet are baby soft, grab your nail clippers, and even things out. Trim each nail to an even length and use a nail file to shape the edges and corners.

STEP FIVE: Cuticle oil + lotion time

No need to cut off your cuticles. Simply use a hydrating cuticle oil and cuticle pusher to soften and press them back. Choose your favourite scented foot lotion and lather it on your feet and calves. Take your time and give yourself a foot massage as you go! 

 STEP SIX: Pick your polish

Now that your feet are looking fab it's time to paint! We absolutely love a gel pedicure, for long-lasting results and durable colour! Check out our DIY gel polish application blog for step-by-step instructions.