Hello Davroe: Meet the Australian Brand Making Hair Wellness a Thing!

In Australia, a bit of a cultural obsession has fallen upon us. Now more than ever, people are searching for health and happiness under the umbrella of "wellness." It's hard to go far without hearing about new diet and exercise trends for worldwide "wellness" seekers. Whether it's chugging celery juice or shredding a spin class after work, new ways to look and feel well are constantly trending. Shifting towards the beauty domain, natural skincare products have also become extremely popular amongst the conscious consumer: that doesn't mean hair should be left out of the equation!

Time to meet the brand making hair wellness a thing! Introducing Davroe - natural, vegan, Australian haircare!


Davroe gives more by adding less. Their products promote "hair wellness" by prioritising natural ingredients, never including harsh sulphates such as sodium, ammonium and myreth. Davroe products are designed to maintain the natural moisture barrier of the scalp and fight against hair colour fading.


Davroe's detox products are perfect for clients facing product buildup, pollution or overprocessing. Check out the following products to deliver a deep clean for your clients. These detox products are also retail-ready and make a great take-home remedy for clients keen on a regular-home cleanse.

Davroe Clarify Deep Cleansing Shampoo -

This clarifying shampoo gently removes minerals, chlorine, styling products and excessive oils from the hair and scalp. This is a great product to use on clients prone to oily locks. Davroe's Remedy shampoo deeply cleanses without stripping natural oils. Hair is left soft, healthy and free of excess funk.

Davroe Luxe Leave-In Treatment

For daily repair, look no further than Davroe's Luxe Leave-In Treatment. This unique formula combines the benefits of leave-in conditioner with the moisturising power of a masque.

Davroe's luxe leave-in provides a protective barrier around the hair to protect fresh colour from fading. This multi-purpose styling product creates a barrier to fight sun and surf damage. The luxe leave-in can be easily applied to wet or dry hair. Encourage your clients to wear the luxe leave-in before swimming to block chlorine build up before it begins.


Seeking styling products that work hard enough to rock the runway? Davroe is fit for fashion - performing at some of the world's biggest fashion events including New York Fashion Week! Trusted by top designers including Japans Dan Liu. Davroe also represents on home turf, participating in celebrations of Australian fashion including Fashion Palette Sydney.



Dandruff = one of the most irritating hair issues known to mankind (and womankind!) Itchy scalps are like the kryptonite of beautiful hair. Help your clients restore homeostasis on their head with the help of Davroe's scalp rescue rang

Davroe Scalp Remedy Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 

Saving scalps without sulphates: Davroe's scalp remedy shampoo clears up all types of dandruff without harsh ingredients. This cleansing shampoo is also colour safe and can be used all over the body to give dry skin a soothing treat!


Davroe Scalp Remedy Anti-Dandruff Lotion Spray 

This soothing leave-in treatment works to reduce dandruff and flaking. Davroe's scalp remedy lotion can be used to instantly sooth itchy scalps or as a preventative measure for dandruff-prone clients. This product is suitable for colour treated hair and sensitive skin.



Cater to the conscious consumer by stocking Davroe Hair Wellness Products in your salon!


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