Buying Guide: Find the Best Hairspray for Your Hair Type!

Buying Guide: Find the Best Hairspray for Your Hair Type!

Hairspray is like coffee. Sure, some people survive without it, but those people are probably not to be trusted.


In 1948, humans invented hairspray. The first commercial aerosol can (built to kill bugs) was adopted by the beauty industry during WWII. The powerful nozzle used to blast pests turned out to be the perfect vessel to tame frizz. 

Twenty years later, hairspray earned the title of best selling product in the beauty industry. After suffering a small dip in sales during the hardly-showered-hippy fashion off the 1970s, hairspray sales soared once again the following decade. Beauty in the 1980s was all about more: more colour, more drama, and more hair.  During this era, hairspray had to hold. Thanks to punk rock, hair products had to withstand heaps of headbanging.  

Nowadays, heaps more hairspray brands, types and formulas have come to fruition. With such variety, it can be a bit confusing to figure out which spray best suits. Fear not, we've put in the hard yards to help you find your perfect formula!



A great place to start is to consider your natural hair type and pick the right product to suit. If your freshly-showered hair tends to fall poker straight, you'll likely be after a spray that takes your texture up a notch. On the other hand, if your natural hair tends to take a lot of taming, you're going to want to find a formula that settles frizz.  

Find Your Formula 


Opt for a light hold hairspray if you're after a style that bounces and moves, without being locked perfectly in place. Think Victoria's Secret model waves or brushed out Hollywood curls. We suggest spritzing on L'Oreal Professionnel Tecni.Art Ring Light Styling Spray

Pro tip: Create loose waves with glam movement using the ghd Curve Classic Professional Wave Wand. 


Choose a medium hold formula if your style sits somewhere between tactfully styled and naturally elegant. We suggest RPR Hold Me Gently Hairspray.

Pro tip: Incorporate a styling oil to further tame your texture, prevent flyaways and keep your hair smooth. 


Looking for style that lasts? Select a strong hold hairspray. Whether you're prepped for a big night out or simply have hair that tends to fall flat, strong hold hairspray can be the style insurance you seek. For long-lasting hold, we adore Redken Forceful 23 Super Strength Hairspray.

Pro tip: If you find your hair is always falling flat, consider including a texturizing spray during your styling process. 



Keep your distance: To prevent oversaturating your strands, make sure you keep the nozzle around 30cm away from your hair. 

Tease up top: Before styling and setting an updo, take the time to tease your roots. A bit of backcombing can go along way and give your hair the glamourous boost it deserves. 

Va-va-volume: To maximize the lift in your locks, flip your hair upside down and spray generously. This will allow you to get an extra boost of volume around your roots. 

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