Face Up to the Skin Queen


Spring means warm nights, drinks with friends, beach days and fresh faces! Here's our top picks for keeping your skin clean, fresh and supple as well as maintaining your pearly whites. It's so important to work with a 'clean slate', even if you wear makeup every day. You know what they say, your makeup is only as good as your skin! From detoxifying, rejuvenating, smoothing, glowing and whitening, this blog has you covered ready for facing up to Summer! 


Keep your natural skin cleansed with a detoxifying cleansing mask or peel-off activated charcoal mask. Beautypro are an award-winning mask and sheet mask brand with a range of amazing masks for all your skin needs. Go a step further and rejuvenate with a collagen and green tea face mask, you will not regret it!

For detoxifying, targeting blackheads and acne, the Black Diamond Peek Of Mask with Activated Charcoal is for you! Winner of the OK! Beauty Awards and Beauty Shortlist Awards 2018 Editors Choice, it is a great solution for oily zones, clearing impurities, reducing dead skin cells and increasing hydration. What more could you want? Ready to use, this mask is a ten-minutes-and-your-done solution. 

So get ready to love your skin and prep it for the perfect summer makeup!



Help reduce signs of fine lines and wrinkles with a collagen and green tea eye mask. If you've never been into face masks or never given them a go, the BeautyPro Collagen Mask is a great one to start with. It's gentle and feels great after just 15 minutes on. It's main feature is improving the look of your natural skin. It does this with anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial properties. With its hydrating formula it both balances and improves oily and dry skin conditions. The green tea properties also protects from free radicals to prevent further skin damage and promote soft, youthful skin. Perfect for a weekly skin-upkeep session - you'll be done in 15mins!



facial tanWhy is it important to use a specialist facial tanning product? The answer is that they are usually formulated to not block your pores and have a non-greasy formula. If you are anything like me, and love the one-product-does-all approach, you've probably already dabbled with your body tan on your face. The results? It definitely takes to the face, but can become blotchy and i find that it doesn't last long. Keeping your pores clean is very important for your skin health so making sure you use the correct products on your face is a must!

Some face tans come in a formula that combines skin care benefits with a touch of self tan to build a natural looking tan which can be a great combination to get an all-in-one face solution! Check out the St Tropez Gradual Face Tan which is wonderfully light on the skin, with a moisturising formula including aloe vera and Vitamin E as well as being paraben free. Oh and one more thing, we all know that tell-tale smell of fake tan...well this gradual tan formula has innovative Aromaguard fragrance technology that eliminates the tan aroma by a minimum of 70% and instead gives a beautiful subtle, yet refreshing fragrance. How good's that!!

One other product, again by St Tropez, is a favourite of our customers, and that's the Luxe Facial Oil. Tanning oils are fast becoming a front-runner for tan lovers. If you're still sceptical, i urge you to try the MoroccanTan Dry Oil (i swear by it, and believe me, i've tried nearly every product out there!). So if you know how good tanning oil is, it's streak-free finish, why not give <a href="/products/st-tropez-self-tan-luxe-facial-oil-30ml">St Tropez Luxe Facial Oil</a> a crack too. It's non-greasy, it's quick drying and clinically proven to moisturise for up to 7 days without blocking your pores.



There's nothing like feeling the confidence to smile! We introduced Perla about a year ago as a natural brand of teeth whitening. With these products you can naturally remove stains caused by coffee, wine and dark soft drinks (woohoo!). With the range of Perla products you can detoxify, balance PH levels, and get brighter teeth!

If you are ready to dive into the world of charcoal whitening, give the Perla Activated Charcoal Powder a go or the Perla Whitening Coconut Oil pack.



biodermaPutting makeup on is just as important as taking it off. Keeping your pores clear of makeup and dirt is crucial in keeping your skin healthy. Micelle water is your best friend when it comes to taking off your face (well, your makeup). Micelle molecules captures dirt and oil without causing irritation. I find that using an oil cleanser or a foam cleanser first, then finish with Bioderma Sensibio Micelle Water to get the last of the dirt away from your pores. You don't need to rinse after using micelle water, simply apply and it will self-dry. It is paraben free and hypo-allergenic for those with sensitive skin.