Carefree Curls: How to Style the Season's Hottest Hair Trend

Carefree Curls: How to Style the Season's Hottest Hair Trend

Curly hair is making a serious comeback. Gone are the days of hiding hair texture for fear of not fitting in. As the natural beauty movement grows, women around the world are embracing their curls once again.

Keen to get on board with the trend? We've rounded up three youtube tutorials to help you meet your hair goals! Whether you're working with naturally curly locks or pin-straight strands, you can easily create the curls you crave with the right tools and techniques. 

License to Curl - Hair Tutorial by ghd! 

Choose This Look If: You have naturally straight hair or slightly wavey hair. 

Begin by generously spraying heat protectant all over. Next, use a fine-toothed comb to section off hair into small easy to work with sections. Clip most of your hair out of the way and pull out 2-3cm pieces at a time. Create loose curls using the ghd Platinum+ styler. Start each curl at eye level, wrapping the section around the styler and rotating 360 degrees. After releasing the curl, twirl each piece to keep the shape. Repeat one section at a time, working with even sections all around. Next, lightly brush through each side to form smooth sleek loose party-ready curls. 

Recreate This Look With: ghd Professional Dressing Brush Kit, ghd Platinum+ Black Professional Styler


DIY Curly Ponytail Up-Do - Hair Tutorial by Matrix

Choose This Look If: You have naturally thick and curly hair, or straight hair that holds a curl well. 

Start by sectioning out two ponytails: one at the top of the head and one at the back. Liberally spray Matrix Heat Buffer throughout the hair. Use a Matrix Style Link definer to smooth away and baby hairs or flyaways along the sides of the face. Then, spray a styling spray all over. Using a small barrel curling iron, pull out a 1cm section of hair at a time. Alternate the direction of your curls for extra body. Spray each ponytail with a strong hold hairspray. Then separate curls and apply Matrix-style link definer for definition. Form the desired shape of your ponytail, securing curls to the head using bobby pins. 

Recreate This Look With: Matrix Style Link Heat Buffer Styling Spray, Matrix Style Link Texture Builder Messy Finish Spray, Matrix Style Link Matte Definer Beach Clay.

How to Create a Fro-Hawk - Hair Tutorial by ghd

Choose This Look If: You have naturally thick hair with coarse curls. 

Start with the hair 50 percent dry. Generously apply a smoothing anti-frizz serum. Section the hair into three equal parts. Work each section into a smooth ponytail. Smooth the sides with a narrow dressing brush for control. Picking out small sections, use bobby pins to pin random pieces of the ponytail back towards the center. Use the ghd Air Professional Hair Dryer and diffuser to dry the hair while enhancing volume and texture. Finish by spritzing shine spray all over.

Recreate This Look With: RPR Fix My Frizz Serumghd Professional Dressing Brush Kitghd Air Professional Hair Dryer, ghd Air Professional Hair Dryer Diffuser, RPR Make Me Shine Finishing Spray