6 Ways to Treat and Repair Damaged Hair

6 Ways to Treat and Repair Damaged Hair


"I swear her hair changes like the weather?" "Cute colour but the ends are frazzled!" Either of these statements sound familiar? In a world full of #hairspiration, how on earth are we expected to stick to a single look? From Kim K's stunning silver locks to Kylie's bold blue hue, our feeds are always chock full of fun ideas to play with.

While hair makeovers can be heaps of fun, they can also take a serious toll on hair health. A great hair transformation can provide a quick boost of confidence, but it can also lead to stressed-out strands. Using the right professional tools and styling products you can reach your hair goals without causing damage. Below are 6 steps we suggest to identify, treat and repair over-worked hair.


Often when considering our hair health, many of us forget to start at the source. Scalp care is like taking out an insurance policy for your future follicles: building a strong foundation sets the stage for healthy hair growth. When it comes to scalp issues, most folks fall into one of two categories: too dry or too oily.

While we all have natural oils on our scalp, it's important to prevent them from building up and wreaking hair havoc. If you notice your scalp getting too greasy, choose a shampoo that cleanses and clarifies without stripping colour or causing dryness.


Scalp-care shampoo for oily hair: Matrix Biolage ScalpSync Cooling Mint Shampoo

For hair on the opposite end of the spectrum, dryness and dandruff can be an indication of a health problem below the surface. Severe dandruff is often a telltale sign of a vitamin deficiency. Having a blood test can confirm the need to top-up on minerals such as zinc and niacin which directly affect the scalp. Browse our selection of targetted anti-dandruff shampoos to help bring back balance.

Scalp-care shampoo for dry/dandruff prone hair: RPR Treat My Scalp Shampoo


One of the best ways to restore brilliance in dull locks is to treat yourself to a hair mask. We stock a wide variety of hair masks to target specific ailments. Once you've selected the hair mask to suit your needs, simply follow the manufacturer's instructions for suggested processing time. Pro tip: We recommend doing a hair mask about once a week, depending on the level of damage your facing.

Our Best-Selling Hair Masks For Damaged Hair




Repairing damaged hair doesn't simply stop in the shower. Hydrating styling products can pick-up where conditioner leaves off.eaves off. When applied to towel-dried hair, leave-in conditioner detangles, fights frizz and locks in moisture. Many leave-in conditioners are designed to tackle specific hair needs. For example, RPR's Brighten My Blonde Treatment is perfect for preventing brassiness in damaged blonde hair. For thin or limp damaged hair opt for RPR's Give Me Body & Strength Leave-in Treatment.


Look, we're not here to try to swear you off heat-styling, not even close. There's no denying that heat styling has an important role to play when it comes to creating your dream hair. However, not all heat tools are created equal. Much like colour, many lower-priced heat tools cut corners by using cheaper material plates, leading to a greater risk of damage. When choosing a heat styler, look for high-quality ceramic plates and be cautious of the tool's maximum temperature. GHD professional styling tools were developed with ceramic heat technology that never exceeds a safe temperature for your tresses. Once you've sorted the right tools, add extra security by mixing a heat spray into your routine. High-quality heat protection sprays work by coating the hair and preventing damage to the cuticle. Many of the heat sprays in our inventory also offer the added bonus of UV protection to prevent sunshine-induced colour-fading.



Think of split ends like chipped nails. A small bit of damage can lead to a big bad mess if left untreated. The power of split ends is often misunderstood. While they won't prevent your hair from growing, they can, in fact, hinder your ability to retain length. Split ends are much more susceptible to breakage, meaning you can lose precious inches if you keep holding on to the damage which has already been done. Give your hair a chance to grow long and strong by keeping up with regular trims.


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