Our 6 Week Hair Repair Journey: Here's What Happened!

Our 6 Week Hair Repair Journey: Here's What Happened!

It was a rainy day in Richmond when Hannah and Laura set out on their regular 10am coffee run routine. They started chatting as they stood at the counter, patiently waiting to curb their caffeine craving. Brunch, boys, the weather; the conversation started out pretty standard. Then the topic of hair came up... commiseration ensued.  


Hannah and Laura realised they were both feeling a bit "bleh" about the state of their hair. You've probably seen Han's curly blonde locks on our IG. While she has lovely length and colour, she's been finding her hair a bit weak and lacking lustre. Laura, on the other hand, the beautiful brunette with volume to die-for, has been finding her natural curls feeling quite dry and frizzy.

And so, the coffee-run became a historical moment. Together, they decided to embark on a 6 week transformation. With a hair flip and a glimmer of hope in their eyes, the girls skipped back to Le Beauty headquarters. They each grabbed a product range from Schwarzkopf Professional and set out on their quest.  

Hannah's 6 Week Hair Transformation Results 

Hannah is our social media & content creator here at Le Beauty. Her long blonde hair is prone to breakage. For 6 weeks, Han tested out the BC Peptide Repair range from Schwarzkopf pro. Hear her hot take ⬇️ 

Q: How often have you been using the BC Peptide Repair range?

A: I’m into my 6th week and I’ve washed my hair around 10 times.

Q: How did the products perform?

A: I feel like my hair has 100% changed for the better over the last 6 weeks from using this collection. The number 1 change I’ve noticed is how much stronger my hair feels. It’s A LOT softer and my hair is less stressed. I would definitely say the collection provides longer lasting conditioning effect on the hair which it states to do. I think the peptides have helped reduce breakage dramatically over this time.

Q: Fave product and why?

A: The Peptide Repair Rescue Sealed Ends is by far the best product! It smells amazing, is super hydrating and has helped reduce my split ends.

Q: Would you keep using the BC Peptide Repair range?

A: I will 100% keep using this range but I probably will switch up the conditioner and add a toner to keep my blonde hair fresh.

Q: Anything else, Han?

A: The conditioner just needs more guts! I have curly, thick hair therefore need a conditioner to fully nourish my thirsty locks!

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Peptide Repair Rescue Conditioner
Peptide Repair Rescue Sealed Ends
Peptide Repair Rescue Deep Nourishing Treatment

Laura's 6 Week Hair Transformation Results

Laura is on the Le Beauty graphic design team. Her full head of curls is prone to dryness and frizz. For 6 weeks she tested out the Fibre Force range from Schwarzkopf Pro. Match made in heaven? Find out ⬇️

Q: How often have you been using the Fibre Force range?

A: This is my 6th week and I’ve washed my hair 3 times a week, and used the conditioning spray everyday.

Q: How did the products perform?

A: I have so much good stuff to say about these products! They smell incredible, my hair feels super soft now, it’s grown faster and my curls have better form and shine to them. BC claims to strengthen, detangle and add shine which are all things I noticed improvements on. My hair tangles really easily because its curly – I’ve noticed an improvement, but it still tangles itself. Fave product and why? My fave is the primer spray!! I’m obsessed it smells gorg and my hair feels lush after using.

Q: Would you keep using the Fibre Force range?

A: Yep! I’d get all 4 products though, if not I’d probably mix my old faithful Davroe moisture senses with the BC mask and primer spray.

Q: Anything else, Laura?

A: Yes! I should also mention along with this hair care routine I also did a few other things 70-80% of the time that contributed: only used heat once, used a microfibre towel, wide tooth comb only on dry hair, claw clips instead of hair ties when I could, and slept with my silk pillow case.