Best Way To Remove SNS Nails At Home

Best Way To Remove SNS Nails At Home

One of the most popular nail services is SNS (a.k.a Dipping System) which is the art of dipping the nail into powdered colour before adding a shiny top coat. The great thing about SNS is that it is chip-proof, can last 2-4 weeks and can be great over nail extensions.

Because your natural nail grows, it is inevitable that your SNS nails will grow out and need to be removed or refilled. The problem being if you can't get to a nail salon! This is especially relevant for those during lockdowns or those who want to save some money and DIY the SNS removal process.

Do your nails look like Isabella's? (eeek!)

SNS Removal

The worst thing you can do is pick and pull at your outgrown nails (as tempting as it may be!) Tearing or peeling off SNS can be disasterous for your nails and can cause a lot of damage. An attempt to peel off SNS can easily remove layers of your natural nail off causing your nails to become very weak.

Our resident Nail Technician has put together a DIY kit for removing SNS at home and some easy steps to go with it so you can remove your SNS safely. 


5 Steps to Remove SNS Nails at Home


You Will Need:

 DIY SNS Removal Kit

How to Remove SNS:

1. File the nail surface down 50-70% using Nail File 180/240. This will gently remove the top coat off and you will notice your nail losing its glossy appearance and appear more matte. This is an essential step to make it easier to break down the SNS underneath.

2. Open the Soak Off Bowl and add warm water into the base of the Soak Off Manicure Bowl and close the lid. 

3. Add 1cm of Regal 100% Pure Acetone into the finger slots of the bowl and submerge fingertips into remover solution and cover using a towel. WAIT 5-10 minutes. Ensure you have good ventilation so you aren't breathing in the fumes too much. 

4. Bring out a finger and try using the Wooden Cuticle Stick to remove the SNS layer. If it's not mushy and able to be pushed off with the wooden stick, try re-submerging back into remover solution for a few more minutes and try again. Once your test nail looks to be ready you can take all nails out and start removing the SNS from all nails.

5. Wipe clean with cotton pad saturated with Regal 100% Pure Acetone then wash hands with warm water and soap.

Extra steps to keep nails looking beautiful:

  • BUFF residue from nail plate using Orange Block 100/180.
  • FILE to shape the nail with Emery Board 180/240.


Buy DIY SNS Removal Kit Australia

We've put together the perfect DIY Dipping System (SNS) Removal Kit which contains all the essentials you need to easily remove SNS dipping nails at home. 

The kit includes:

  • 1 x REGAL Disposable Hand Kit containing:
    • 1 x Emery Board 180/240
    • 1 x Nail File 80/100
    • 1 x Orange Block 100/180
    • 1 x Wooden Cuticle Stick
  • 2 x REGAL 100% Pure Acetone bottles (125ml each)
  • 1 x Soak Off Manicure Bowl