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Bioderma Has Arrived! The Sensitive Search is Over.

Known for their H2O Makeup-Removing Micellar Water, France’s own Bioderma is no foreigner to the beauty industry. Exported from the country of love, this pioneering skincare brand has become a staple for sensitive-skinned sisters. With roots dating as far back as the 1970’s, Bioderma has made a name for itself by sticking to science and steering clear of gimmicks. Their targeted formulas have minimal ingredients. Their facial products are full of unobtrusive ingredients; free of fillers or fluff.

There are a few products in Bioderma’s catalogue that you mustn’t miss. First and foremost, the company’s claim to fame…

bioderma sensibio


The Micellar Water has a rep for a reason. It’s a revolutionary makeup remover that’s gentle like water but effective like an oil-based option. Its light and cooling on the skin with no excess oils or scents. Use it like a regular makeup remover to cleanse everything from bronzer to tricky liquid eyeliner. The Micellar H2O doubles as a toner to get skin prepped and ready for moisturiser. It’s the ultimate lazy ladies product. Micellar water can serve as your saviour when you can’t be fussed to fully cleanse, tone and moisturize your facade.

Rumour has it, amongst the blogosphere, that a bottle of this baby is sold every 3-5 seconds around the world. The validity on this claim is cloudy, but nonetheless, the point remains; people love the stuff!

The Sensibio line has a handy little cousin named Hydrabio. The skin-quenching range picks up where Sensibio left off. It lovingly purifies sensitive skin while imparting unparalleled moisture. With patented Aquagenium ®, the blue bottled beauty removes makeup just as effectively as the original while soothing parched skin.


bioderma sensibio ar bb creamWho doesn’t love a good BB cream? Especially one that evens out your complexion like a real life Photoshop wand! Bioderma’s AR range is specially formulated for rosacea prone skin. The Rosactiv ® patent prevents the dilation of blood vessels to calm down redness and uneven patches on the skin. The thick consistency provides great coverage while remaining blendable and cake-free. *Bonus* The BB also rocks an SPF 30 to keep your skin soft and sun-damage free!


bioderma hydrabio serumFor skin that needs a quench stat, Hydrabio’s hydrating concentrate has your back! Just a drop or two drowns out dryness and raises the skins natural moisture hold. It acts like bubble wrap to protect sensitive skin that needs some serious hydration help. After just a few uses, the scent-free softener will shape up even the driest of facades.




Hands-down high quality! Give the Bioderma range a go to support your sensitive skin.