"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet," said Romeo to Juliet. 

What's in a name? According to Shakespeare: not much at all! Meanwhile, in the nail world, a name can mean heaps! The mere-exposure effect is a marketing phenomenon which basically means that people prefer to purchase products they're already familiar with. Odds are you've seen this in action at your salon when your clients gravitate towards big names like OPI and Gelish. However, as a Beauty Professional, it's important to try out new products and experiment with different brands. Not only will this provide more variety for your clients, but also a greater range of skills for yourself. With that in mind, we're constantly growing and expanding our catalogue to help you stay current and competitive.

Expand your nail salon inventory with a growing brand of crave-worthy nail colours - International Beauty Design. This week on the Beauty Lab blog we're shining the spotlight on IBD! 

Established over four decades ago, International Beauty Design (IBD) was born to make professional nail products accessible and reliable. Just Gel is one of our favourite products for chip-free high-quality gel colour. This strong 100% pure gel formula applies as easily as nail polish while delivering long-lasting colour. Born to please both nail techs and clients, IBD Just Gel polish quickly cures under UV or LED light. This professional gel formula delivers a smooth and even coverage which will quickly become a favourite amongst your regular customers. IBD Just Gel polish is available in a wide variety of shades including pastels, glitters and bold vibrant colours. Give your clients the variety they crave with IBD Just Gel.

Looking to shop beyond gel? IBD recently launched a Control Gel hybrid collection. Similar to our popular Harmony Gelish Polygel, this new pro-hybrid gel combines the benefits of hard gel and acrylics in a simple easy to apply gel formula. Control gel is perfect for overlays and extensions, with a faster and uncomplicated application.

IBD Control Gel comes in a convenient squeeze tube to dispense the perfect amount of product every time. Simply slice a pea sized amount per nail using the IBD Control Gel Spatula. Then, shape and flatten the product to fit the natural nail shape using the IBD Control Gel SolutionIBD Control Gel Brush. After shaping, set the product under a UV/LED nail curing lamp. Finish by shaping the enhancement using a buffing block and nail file. 

Click here for full IBD Control Gel application instructions via Nail Pro Magazine.

Benefits of Control Gel

- Combined Benefits of Hard Gel & Acrylic

- Lightweight & Super Strong

- Self-levelling 

By nail people for nail people - shop our full selection of IBD professional nail products today!