Innovative Origins 

Hand & Nail Harmony was founded to fill a gap in the professional nail industry. The US company behind Gelish was founded in 2009 by CEO Danny Haile. With an impressive background in the competitive nail circuit, Haile noticed a need for growth in the gel polish market. The first ever gel polish to be packaged in a bottle with a brush, Gelish invented the seamless application we know today. 

Brushing Up On Gelish

Gelish takes pride in staying current and making necessary changes as the industry advances. In 2017, Gelish demonstrated their adaptability by updating their gel polish. The new Gelish gel polish offers better stability, greater product flow and a smoother application. To house this fabulous new formula, the company also reinvented their gel polish bottles. With a sleek new shape, the bottles offer a larger colour selection band. The bottle also includes a redesigned brush with an increased bristle count and ergonomic cap. 

Keep Calm & Collect On 

Whether you're shopping for yourself or your business, Gelish is always adding to their inventory with memorable new collections. Taking inspiration from pop culture and seasonal trends, each Gelish collection offers a completely new spectrum of gel polish shades. Pro tip: Purchase full collections for a fraction of the price! You'll score serious savings when you buy a complete collection from Le Beauty. 

Read on for our complete guide to the essential Gelish collections

The most recent addition to our Gelish inventory is the Forever Fabulous collection. Inspired by the stunning Marilyn Monroe, this collection includes 12 shades fit for Hollywood's finest. With classic hues reminiscent of old Hollywood beauty and vibrant tones that represent Marilyn's bold nature. this colour range is sure to leave a lasting impression just like Miss Monroe herself. 

Our top three shades: A Kiss From Marilyn,  Wrapped in Satin Diamonds Are My BFF

Have your cake and eat it too with the radiant Royal Temptations collection. This whimsical collection is inspired by the lavish life of Marie Antoinette. With seven shades ranging from subtle to sheer drama, there's a tempting shade to suit any and all royal aspirations. This candy-coloured palette includes a pastel purple, bold bright pink and a multi-glitter shade that's sweeter than a rainbow sprinkle cake. 

Our top three shades: Over the Top PopAll the Queen's Bling, My Other Wig is a Tiara 

By far the brightest, boldest shades on our list - there's no missing the Make a Splash collection! With six ultra-bright hues and one iridescent overlay, this collection brings summer bright to a whole new level. From coral pink to neon green, these colours are perfect for anyone keen to capture some attention with noticeable nails. The collection includes a Cellophane coat that creates a balloon-esque effect and slight sparkle over any gel polish. 

Our top three shades:  Flamingo Float,  Limonade in the Shade, You've Got Tan-gerine Lines 

For those looking for a more subtle palette, Thrill of the Chill has you covered! This six-piece collection features winter-ready hues for deep sultry nail looks. With rich reds, subtle suedes and a touch of glitter, this collection is so chic it'll make you shiver. The Thrill of the Chill collection includes a golden glitter shade that can be worn solo or painted on top of any gel polish for a subtle touch of shimmer.

Our top three shades:  Angling For a Kiss, Don't Let the Frost Bite, Ice Cold Gold 

Continue to grow with Gelish collections to stay up-to-date and on-trend!