Ever since Cara Delevingne first rocked the runway, bold brows have basically become a must-have. A well-shaped pair of brows is wasted without the right colour to do them justice. Help your brows reach their face-framing potential with one of our professional eyebrow tints. Not sure which option to choose? Read on for our top tips to choose your perfect system and shade! 

Traditional Brow Tint

Many women with medium-brown or blonde brows may not realize how beneficial a darker brow colour can be to frame their face and highlight their eyes. To test the waters, start with our mega-popular Belmacil Traditional Brow Tint. These easy-to-apply brow colours come in a wide variety of shades ranging from subtle and natural-looking to bold and adventurous. Traditional brow tint is a low-commitment choice which can still totally transform your look!

Pro tip: Belmacil brow tints can also be applied to lashes, for a semi-permanent mascara!

How to Choose the Perfect Brow Shade 

- If You're a Blonde: to add drama to naturally light blonde brows opt for 1-2 shades darker than your natural colour

- If You're a Brunette: opt for 1-2 shades darker than your natural, matching the warmth or coolness of your hair colour

- If You're a Redhead: compliment your strawberry blonde hair with a warm dark blonde tint, or for deep red hair choose a copper-toned tint

Sensitive Brow Tint

Having sensitive skin need not be a barricade to getting beautiful brows. While some brow dye formulas do contain harsh ingredients, there are multiple brands on the market which specifically cater to delicate skin. 

One of our top-selling brow brands, Refectocil's Professional Sensitive Colour Gel is Ideal for those with sensitive skin and eyes. This smudge and waterproof formula tints in just 3 minutes, delivering long-lasting beautiful results. This gentle formula is available in black, light brown, medium brown and dark brown. 

Henna Brow Dye 

Until recently, the henna plant was best known for the beautiful body art it produced. This skin staining plant dye has long been used in parts of India, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe to create floral body art and decorative facial makeup. Henna first worked its way into Western culture as a natural alternative to synthetic hair dyes. In the past few years henna has taken over the beauty industry as a bold new way to darken eyebrows.

Henna dye lasts noticeably longer than traditional tinting while staining the skin below the hair for added drama and fullness. Henna is currently trending for a reason! Many women want the look of full brows that microblading can offer, but don't want the price tag or commitment of a full cosmetic procedure. Henna is a beautiful compromise - it creates the illusion of fuller brows by staining the skin, much in the same way microblading creates the appearance of extra brow hair. Another reason many folks adore henna is its ability to last longer than traditional tint! With proper application and aftercare, henna should last upwards of a month! 

Our Elleebana Eyebrow Henna Dye comes in 7 highly-pigmented colours which can be easily combined for a custom shade. 


Natural eyebrow tinting with tattoo effect on the skin
Low cost per application
Over 100 applications per bottle
Gentle and innovative formulation
Stays on hair up to 6 weeks
No ammonia or hydrogen peroxide

Henna dye has a higher staining power than traditional tinting, making it important to master a clean application! Make sure you have the right applicator tools to help you achieve the perfect arch. We suggest using a fine cosmetic brush or doe-tipped applicator for precise application of colour. If you do have any mistakes or a stray dye, quickly correct it using a small amount of brow tint remover on a new applicator.

Pro tip: To get long-lasting results from your henna dye, it's important to make sure the brow area is properly prepped. Before your tint application, choose Elleebana brow shampoo to cleanse off any oils or dead skin cells that could interfere with the dyes adherence to hair and skin.

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