As a salon owner, you know that hiring the right nail techs can make or break your business. The most successful salons in the world are chock full of manicurists that genuinely love what they do: technicians who deliver stunning work and build great relationships with their clients. How do you make sure your staff is comprised of these unicorns? Hire smart! Read on for our best advice to hire the most talented nail technicians to bring success to your salon!

Top Tips

- Identify Your Goals

- Skilfully Screen Candidates 

- Conduct an Insightful Interview

Set Goals + Advertise Accordingly

Prior to creating your job posting, be sure to nail down your goals. How many techs do you need? Do you have the capacity to train techs new in their career? What are the qualities of nail techs who've previously been successful in your salon? Make sure you take the time to sort out what you need and how you'll integrate your new hires into your salon. Having a clear picture of what you're after will help you streamline your hiring process and ultimately hire technicians who suit your salon to a tee! 

After you've sorted out your hiring goals, create a job posting that clearly identifies your needs. Your job posting should be specific about your expectations in terms of experience and education. Being precise about your must-haves will save you time and minimize the number of unsuitable applications you receive. Don't hesitate to put a bit of personality in your posting. Describe your current salon environment and invite applicants who have a positive mindset, passion for the industry and ability to foster loyalty with clients. 

Screen Smart

After you've created a short list of candidates, give the technicians a call to have a chat before scheduling the interview. Your initial phone call can be a huge timesaver and screen out techs who won't meet the needs of your salon. Have each tech's resume handy during the chat to go over their experience, skills and ambitions. You can also use this preliminary phone call to get a quick feel for the candidate's personality. Technicians with a positive attitude and open-mind will make their outlook known and express enthusiasm in their potential new role. 

It's always good practice to get in touch with your candidates' references. If you have a good feeling about a particular nail technician, it can be comforting to have your insights confirmed by their previous employer. References can also help you confirm a candidate's experience and hear about their ability to perform in a salon environment.  

 Interview Insightfully

Before you sit down with your potential new team members, prepare the right questions to get a complete understanding of each candidates experience and expectations. Make sure you ask open-ended questions to turn the interview into a conversation, rather than a simple review or the candidate's resume. To get a feel for your prospective technicians working style, ask situational and hypothetical questions. This creates a great opportunity to assess your candidates' past experiences and skills within a salon working environment. Leave time for your interviewee to ask questions in return so you can each leave the interview feeling content. 

Set yourself up for a successful, every step of the way with these top hiring practices for nail salon owners!