Victoria Maybee

It's no surprise that lash extensions can quickly become a beauty addiction.

Waking up with glamorous long lashes everyday is a luxury that many women cherish. There's nothing more upsetting than a client who returns after their service to say that their lashes didn't last. A professional extension service should last up to 4 weeks if given the proper TLC. Once your client leaves the salon, there are a few commonly made mistakes that can destroy extensions. Although after-care is ultimately in their hands, you've got the power to provide your clients with the best knowledge to sustain their lashes for longer!

Here are a few of our top tips to promote the proper post-care for lash extension services. 

1) Get the Best Rest 

Lash extensions require a little (ok a lot of) love in the first 48 hours. Make sure your clients give their lashes the TLC they deserve by sleeping in a suitable position. Help your client make the most of their rest by sleeping on their back for the first two nights post-service. Sleeping in this position will prevent accidental rubbing and bumping of lashes against pillows. After the first two days, your client is welcome to sleep as usual now that the glue will have fully set and lashes are more stable.

Also assure that your client avoids washing their lashes for the first day after application. This gives the glue time to dry, set and stabilize. 

2) Be Particular About Products & Remove Responsibly

It's important to be very particular about what products your client uses around their beautiful new lashes. To give lashes the best shot at a long life it's important to make sure water-proof or oil based mascaras, cleansers and eyeliners are all avoided. These products are too harsh and can weaken the extensions' bond. If your client regularly applies mascara to their lower lashes, reccommend that they use a custom lash-lifting mascara such as Elleebana's Elevate Lash Lifting Mascara.  This mascara is specially formulated to glide onto lower lashes without affecting the extended lashes. Make sure your clients are informed to avoid applying oil-based mascara on the lower lashes, as this could come in contact with the extensions and weaken their bond. Also assure they do not put any mascara on the extensions themselves, as it's not neccessary and will only lessen the life of the lashes.

Reccomend that your client uses a gentle water-based makeup remover such as  Belmacil's BelmaRemove foam. Instruct your client to remove their eye makeup in a side to side fashion, rather than up and down, to prevent unnecessary pushing and pulling of lashes. Wiping makeup down towards lashes can also cause a buildup of product on the lash line which will lessen their longevity. 

3) Don't Just Rely on Staying Dry

As you know, in the first 24-48 hours, keeping lashes dry is key! However, in the following weeks, it's important that your client DOES wash their lashes. Despite popular belief, lashes need to be washed in order to retain lashes and cleanliness of the eye. 

Lashes, false or natural, provide a protective barrier to keep dirt and toxins out of the eye area. Therefore, it's important to wash the lash line to remove any sleep or makeup residue that may build up. Some ladies are so concerned about retaining their new lashes that they completely avoid washing the area. That's a quick way to contract an eye infection and ultimately ruin extensions! 

Advise your clients to use Belmacil cleansing products to achieve the best standards of hygiene!

In addition, here are a few more tips you can provide your clients:

  • Avoid excess swimming in the ocean, which contain a lot of natural oils and salt, which can affect the glue over time
  • Do not tug or play with lashes, pat dry instead of rubbing the eyes when washing the face and eye area
  • Do not tint, curl or apply mascara to lash extensions. Even lash lifting mascara should be saved for special occasions

As a rule of thumb, inform your clients that less is more when it comes to extensions! Less product and playing will provide better longevity BUT assure that they keep their lashes clean and content!