Victoria Maybee 

Salons can be stressful.

From scheduling conflicts to unrealistic client demands, there's no denying that things can get a bit chaotic. As a stylist, it's important to make sure that your demeanour stays cool, calm and collected to make the best experience for your clients. We've got a natural way to help you meet that mantra; get greenery! 

Plants have a long list of benefits that are perfectly suited to help your salon thrive.

Check out our top three reasons to add greenery to your salon! 

Make It Memorable

First and foremost, plants look pretty. That might sound a bit silly, but when it comes to your salon it's important that clients love the look! Incorporating potted plants, terrariums and succulents can spark a feeling of luxury that clients love. Plants are synonymous with the growing trend for salons to strive for sustainability and environmental advocacy. Compliment your conservation efforts with a salon that looks and feels as green as it truly is. 

If your work place is blessed with an abundance of natural light, display plants in the front windows to attract clients. Spread small plants such as succulents across work spaces to add memorable splashes of green throughout the salon.

Keep it Cleaner

Despite best efforts, salons can be home to a slew of chemicals that can leave your clients feeling more stressed than subdued. From chemical straightening products to professional cleaning supplies, it's important to consider the toxins that could be trailing around. Luckily plants have the power to purify your salon to keep you breathing easy. Just a few of the best, the following plants can kick out chemicals and purify the air in your busy salon.

Aloe Vera 

One of the most loved succulents, Aloe has multiple uses in a salon environment. This powerful plant helps to filter out formaldehyde and benzene from the air. As a bonus, aloe has the ability to soothe and heal burns, in case you ever get a bit too close to a pair of straighteners. 


These pretty petals, also known as mums, are well loved for more than just their looks. Mums have the ability to purify traces of benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and ammonia from the air. Watering is only required once a week for Mums but they do require a bit of light to stay healthy. Mums are perfect for salons with wide windows and plenty of natural lighting. 

Peace Lilies 

Easy to care for and lovely to look at, peace lilies are the perfect plant to add to your salon. They can knock our trichloroethylene, benzene and ammonia. To keep lilies looking great requires minimal effort and instantly brightens up your salon.

Adding any of these plants to your salon gives you a helping hand in keeping your environment healthy and breathable. Plants can also help remove excess dust to keep your space looking divine.

Scale Down Stress

In addition to promoting clean air, potted plants can help you keep a clear mind and positive outlook at work. A recent study suggests 

that regular interaction with indoor plants can provide tremendous benefits for your mental health. From job satisfaction to overall positive outlook, keeping a bit of greenery within eyeshot can make your work life much greener. 

Plants can also help assure the most relaxing salon experience for your clients. According to the science of Feng Shui, natural forces are key to achieving a calm and relaxed state of mind. Many salon clients consider their salon experience to be a treat, and should be empowered with a suitable environment.

Plantify your workspace today to soothe stress, cleanse the chaos and make a supreme salon environment!