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There was a time, long, long ago when grey hair was frowned upon.

In fact, covering up natural grey hair is one of the most common reasons middle aged women rely on their hair stylists. Every six weeks, without fail, my mum heads to the salon for a quick anti-ageing cover up of her silver strands. She, like many, finds it hilarious that silver hair has somehow started trending.

From Kim K to Rita Ora, celebs and trendy chicks alike are intentionally taking their platinum hair into grey toned territory - and we love it!

If you’re like me, you quickly dove head first (pun intended) into the grey hair trend. Platinum grey-blonde locks caught on like wildfire in 2017; with no signs of slowing down!

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If you’ve been working with blonde hair for long, odds are purple shampoo is already a staple in your haircare arsenal.

Purple toning products work by catering to the colour wheel. Cool colours sit opposite to warm on the colour wheel, meaning they can cancel each other out. Adding purple pigment cancels out yellow-orange tones that creep into bleached hair over time.

For silver or grey toned blonde, purple products are a must-have to keep things icy and ashy! Especially when trying to stretch out your time between salon treatments. The usual routine involves lathering up with lavender suds and rinsing after 5-15 minutes (depending how much tone you crave). 

However, there’s a new kid on the block, blowing our beautiful blonde minds. 

Blonde Blogging Babe, Becki (aka Whippy Cake) popularised a new way to use purple shampoo. She applies the stuff straight on DRY hair. That’s right, she ditches the traditional lather rinse and repeat and instead loads up her DRY locks.

Becki's method thinks of purple shampoo as a toner, using the full pigment power rather than diluting it in-shower. She first applies the product on just her roots, waiting a few minutes before applying throughout the ends. Once applied all-over, she reccommends waiting a good 10 minutes before rinsing and conditioning as normal. 

According to Becki, this technique keeps her platinum locks ice cold and stretches out her salon visits. Have you ever tried applying purple shampoo on dry hair? We think this new hack is the best thing since dry shampoo. Give it a go to help platinum blondes reach new heights! 

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Writer’s note: I have personally been dying my hair blonde for over five years, and I get the best results with this technique! It’s a quick way to add a big blast of ashy tone. If you’ve skipped the purple shampoo for a couple weeks or just want an extra boost of ashyness, this is your best bet! Using purple shampoo like this EVERY time you wash would be too saturating for most blondes.